Top Online Shopping and Payment Habits in Indonesia

 Top Online Shopping and Payment Habits in Indonesia

The 4th largest population in the world belongs to Indonesia, a magnificent archipelago that encapsulates hundreds of small islands in between. On the island of java lies the capital of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta, a sparkling city that produces a lot of noises in the digital world, especially in their online spending.

A city that is jammed with close to 10 million people
A city that is jammed with close to 10 million people

With Indonesia’s customer spending at 61% of its GDP, which is “closer to levels in developed economies than to the corresponding figures for neighboring, largely export-driven nations such as Malaysia and Thailand”, it is no wonder that multinational internet companies have come and try to tap into the market.

Huge e-commerce companies are at the forefront of this movement, giving names to brands such as Lazada, Kaskus, Tokobagus, Zalora, and many more...

So, what do online businesses need to prevail in this market of huge potential?

1. Women Taking the Lead

Women Taking the Lead

Yes, women take the control of online purchases in Indonesia. According to one of the blogs in, “About 40 million women are now online in the country, in which women control 65% of purchasing decisions”, which is an important piece of information for online business owners, especially working on the female products.

What’s more intriguing fact is that 66% percent of 40 million female Internet users have bought something online for them, and 38% have bought something online for friends with an average value of $20-$40 per purchase.

So, how can online business capitalize this? Obviously, female products will be able to flourish in the female-demanded market, but male-based online products can also entice wife or girlfriends in your marketing strategy as part of a gift for their man.

2. Smartphones Are Preferred

Smartphones Are Preferred

Besides making traditional phone calls, smartphones are used heavily for online product research in Indonesia, based on 66% of surveyed respondents use their smartphone for online research, with 34% making detailed research for price/product comparison.

Combined with the 14% average annual increase in the adoption of smartphones, any online businesses can easily imagine the huge potential of mobile phones in Indonesia. Razer Merchant Services can equip your business with the necessary tools, either you are a website based business or a mobile app company.

Mobile App companies can utilize Razer Merchant Services’s user-friendly iOS and Android SDK for In-App purchase, while online businesses can harness the powerful Seamless Payment, a shortcut to the conventional checkout process, to the system, which comes handy for customers buying via mobile devices.

Furthermore, all online transactions will be secured with our Global Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), just to make sure that online businesses can run 24/7 safely and securely.

Beside providing credit card payments, through Razer Merchant Services’s extensive research about the Indonesian market, we found of using ATM Transfer Virtual Account (VA) is the preferred method of payment. This is why Razer Merchant Services, alongside our local partners in Indonesia will provide this payment option for local customers. Moreover, Razer Merchant Services also boast access to more than 17,000 ATMs throughout Indonesia, so that every customer can get a mixture of safety and convenience for every transactions they made.

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