Increase Your Revenue with the Alternative Payment Method, Razer Cash

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You have been using cash-on-delivery (COD) for a few years and think that there is no alternative solution. Are you sure about that? Have you tried other alternatives from COD? What if we tell you that you can even increase your revenue with an alternative payment method?

Getting people to a meeting point for a cash-on-delivery purpose is not an easy task. Plus, you might come across upon customers who do not want to meet you halfway. You cannot blame them as they have fears and trust issues to be considered.

Whether you notice it or not, you have the potential of losing customers even before the transaction begin and hence, you’re losing revenues. So, as an entrepreneur, it is part of your duty to ease the customers and find a way to reach their needs.

Razer Cash is the perfect solution for you. The first payment method of its kind in Malaysia. It is designed solely to be a solution to situation like this where cash meets online product. A cash payment method for online shopping. Not only customer can pay with using cash, you on the other hand will benefit from it too.

A study stated that Malaysia has 34% consumers that prefer using cash payment over any other payment method. Although the percentage is low, it should not be ignored as they are also potential customers.

Providing them a payment method through a payment gateway is a necessity in order to capture them and turning them into loyal customers while attracting more customers.

Even so, some of those customers did not choose cash payment because they want to. Some of them does not have bank account or online banking. Thus, they had to rely on cash for any kind of payment or transaction. With Razer Cash, you can help those customers and reaches those who are in need. Do not ignore them.

Statista recorded that in 2016, there are 13.9 million users in the e-commerce market and if we combine this Statista statistics with the previous study, there are roughly 4.3 million users paying with cash.

Capturing that quantity alone could boost revenue by a huge amount. Imagine being the company that cooperates with the only payment gateway in Malaysia that offered cash payment for online shopping.

The possibilities are endless and the range of coverage are also wide since Razer Cash can be access at Petronas Station and 7-Eleven. Both are nationwide and practically everywhere in Malaysia.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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