Increase the Efficiency of your Employees with Razer Merchant Services’ Merchant Portal

Increase The Efficiency Of Your Employees With Razer Merchant Services' Merchant Portal

Tracking and managing the merchant portal can be time-consuming. Sometimes, you need to pay extra costs for employment and the additional hours they spend.

Do you know that Razer Merchant Services merchant portal can cut some of these costs for you and get you done quicker?

If you or anyone in the company have gone through a very challenging phase with payment back-end portal, it is time to move to a better platform. Do not keep comforting yourself that it is okay to go extra mile for things that never upgrade.

Explore our merchant portal for the following plus points!

1. Available on-the-go

Razer Merchant Services merchant portal available on-the-go

Merchant portal is flexible on the desktop and mobile phone. No matter where you at, you can always log on to the portal and see the transaction details anytime.

Razer Merchant Services merchant portal is available on-the-go without having to download anything that can eat up your phone or desktop memory. It can be logged on from your phone and has an interface that suits the mobile setting, without any details that run out of place.

If you have assigned someone to take a close look at the portal, there is no reason to skip or put away any of the tracking task due to the inaccessibility.

You and your employees can always improve the efficiency by entering the portal and track the data.

2. Has multi-level access


If before this you only believe in yourself, now it is time to share the trust to someone else; which means sharing the burden.

Multi-level access can help you to set up the protection of some data in the back-end portal from your employees. You can work on that by adding sub user accounts and control what they can access based on their role in the company.

Without you realize, it is more efficient when they do not have to go through the info that has nothing to do with their job scope. You can always limit the portal access based on the roles and even remove the users anytime for reasons such as leaving the company.

3. User-friendly interface

Razer Merchant Services merchant portal has user-friendly interface

The portal has a user-friendly interface which is very good for a very quick tracking. Once you enter the portal, you can always comprehend the data easily from the dashboard.

Your employees who are not familiar with the transaction record can also understand the charts shown on the portal. The user-friendly interface suits the people who are not familiar with the record or even have no background with tracking task.

It can be advantageous for you to improve the efficiency in cost and even energy. You do not need to provide a special training for your employees to track the data one by one. At the same time, reducing the cost to hire someone who is expert in just tracking those simple transaction record.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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