How You can Lure a Majority of Offline Shoppers to your Online Shop

Ways To Manage Your E-Commerce Risk

It is not odd if you can still find those around you who never buy anything online. Usually, the risks that they are concerned most come from three major factors which are product expectation, payment and delivery.

In order to encourage them to jump into online shopping platform, you have to identify what kind of issues that make them stay away from online shopping and rather go offline.

Here are some of the ways you can get them purchase online:

1. Advertise on social networking sites

Majority of Malaysians are connected to social media and online messenger. But, there are those are still reluctant to shop offline.

However, if you look closely at how the advertising world has expanded, you can see easily make yourself visible out there.

Please note that your focus need to be done with the right wording and more, so that you can reach the target easier.


2. Add in offline choices to your shop

They might have a little hunch to shop online but something just take them very slow to step up. To get their first step happen, you need to look closely at what actually holds them back from online shopping; is it payment or delivery?

To put it in a simple way, put some offline elements or a bit of human contact to contribute to their confidence when shopping online. For instance:

  • Offline payment service
    If you have been using our online payment gateway for your website, you can turn on Razer Cash channel to start accepting payment by cash. Your customers can pay directly at 7-Eleven in any 2,000+ outlets in Malaysia.


  • Cash-on-delivery (COD)
    Cash-on-delivery (COD) still sounds enticing even to those who already take online shopping as a part of their daily activity. It is because payment and delivery are done at once and in front of their eyes. Not only that, customers can also get the chance to check the items sent on the spot.


  • Parcel locker or pickup at any physical stores
    Parcel locker is definitely something that most people anticipate as all of us get busier. The availability to collect 24/7 make it so convenience for us to pick up any time we like without setting any specific time with anyone.


  • Give an option to return
    Giving the option to return the delivered items is definitely one way to make them confident with their first ever buy. Some of them are scared if the items do not turned out the same as their expectation.
    So, giving them a choice to return can make them feel safe when shopping online.


3. Provide reliable reviews from past customers

As you can see today, there are a lot of websites that provide helpful reviews. Usually, the reviews are made and qualified to be featured on the website, only if the customer really bought the product.

Mouth-to-mouth words can be so influential in a real-life setting and it can move someone’s intuition by connecting the mind and heart of one person to another.

Therefore, by creating online reviews section, this can be one of the best ways to get mouth-to-mouth marketing work effectively on online space.


4. Use the e-commerce services that are secure and trusted

You need to find the reliable systems and service providers to support your business be it payment, delivery and shopping cart solution. It is also important to feature every security certificates that you have achieved and acquired to your website.

In order for your business to run smoothly in the longest term, you need to connect your business with good e-commerce service providers.

As we are at the age where even drone can get our items delivered, we can see that the world is moving faster and move above our expectation.

Therefore, we need to aid the offline shoppers to take step-by-step to enter the e-commerce environment so that, they will not only get to shop easily but be more compulsive, feel convenience and enjoy better offer.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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