How to Speed Up Checkout Process with Seamless Integration?

Speed Up Checkout Process with Seamless Integration

There used to be a time where the ultimate recipe for a successful business was “good product at a good price”, but not anymore. The recipe still works though, however a secret ingredient is quickly overshadowing those elements of success in your customer service. Nowadays, everything need to be fast and frictionless, especially during the least favourite yet exciting part in online shopping, the checkout process.

Payment can be the area in e-commerce with the most frictions and if you’re operating globally, the experience will not be a pleasant one. Even the smallest problem or delay, will trigger the customers to abandon their cart and leave your website.

If you are wondering how to eliminate this frictions and speed up checkout process, Razer Merchant Services Seamless Integration is the answer.

1. Eliminate redirecting

Eliminate redirect

Remember, if there’s anything that a customer dislikes more than payment, it would be a long checkout process. For customers, payment might already appear unpleasant to them, but to be redirected to another site is just too much of their time wasted on something they are already feeling bored to begin with.

With Razer Merchant Services Seamless Integration, that can be turned into a quick checkout session. Your customer will be provided with a seamless checkout without redirecting them to another site. They can just stay on your website and make the payment from there.

Keep in mind, this will not only save their time but will also save you from cart abandonment.

2. Easy to select bank

Easy to select bank

So, how do your customers make the payment from your website? It is by using our snippet. Snippet is a sample code that we provide on our website. It will produce bank payment option buttons and you can decide how many banks or what banks you want to set as the options.

By integrating your website with Razer Merchant Services, it means that your buyers can choose any banks that you want to make available on your page. They can then proceed to authorize the payment for their goods after being directed to the bank login page.

On the other hand, you as a merchant will receive the payment results on your website if you set it using the return URL. With Razer Merchant Services Seamless Integration, customer’s loyalty can be gained and sustained.

Potential customers will become familiar customers, then they will become regular and finally, become your loyal customers if you manage to understand what issues they faced previously.


3. Increase payment success rate

Increase payment success rate

You already eliminated redirection from your website and provide bank payment options for your customer, so what do these mean? Believe or not, what it means is that your payment success rate will increase.

With Razer Merchant Services Seamless Integration, customers will go through a smooth and frictionless checkout. Using and going through a seamless checkout will be a great experience for customers.

Unlike the conventional hosted payment website, Razer Merchant Services Seamless Integration will not cost your customer much time. With this, your customer service quality will be improved and to top that off, your cost of data management and storing will be reduced significantly.

Moreover, successful payments are one of the things that promote customer’s loyalty. Not to mention, it will also attract more potential customers to visit your website.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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