How to Spark Your Customers’ Desire to Buy Your Product?

How to Spark Your Customers' Desire to Buy Your Product?

With many products exist nowadays, it is tough to compete with other merchant’s sales. Customers have many options to choose the products that they desire. They never buy because of the product features itself. They purchase because they perceive some benefits from those features.

It doesn’t matter if your online store has been in the industry for quite sometimes now or a startup. You won’t succeed unless you can attract more customers to your websites everyday.

Here are the ways to attract more customers to buy your products

Secure website

1. Secure website

Having a secure website is more and more significant nowadays. It is including the payment gateway that is now used by majority online business. It is important to have a secure website in order to attract more customers thus increase the trusts among them. Employing an SSL software to your website is one of the ways that can increase the customers’ trust.

Merchants also must provide payment gateway that includes PCI-compliant to make a secure transaction between merchants and customers. By providing and implementing the secure methods, it can reflect how much you want to perform the business and your eagerness to spark the customer’s desire to purchase your products.


Having a nice interface

2. Having a nice interface

When talking about nice interface, it includes the user interface as well as user experience when visiting and purchasing at your website. Creating a good impression for your website is one of the ways to attract more customers.

You must create an attractive website to attract more customers to visit your website. A user’s purchase intention tends to take place just after 3 seconds on your website. It is really important to have a good impression and every first impression counts. Your website design must be beautiful and professional yet simple and easy for customers to navigate.


Trendy products

3. Trendy products

When you are involved with e-commerce business, merchants must always make themselves up-to-date. Always update with the current products trending on internet nowadays. Make sure that you have or perhaps have the latest design or products in your websites.

It is important to spark the customers’ desire to buy your products. Give your customers a good reason to come back to your website. Most of the times, the way you catch their eyes can also be converted into sales.


Low price or discounts

4. Low price or discounts

All of us love promos and discounts. Selling at a low price or with discount is one of the things that customers will look at when buying products. The word “free” makes people feel the excitement which stimulates the association with positive emotion.

In order to attract more customers, merchants can offer low price when customers buy with high quantity or perhaps give a discount and freebies when they reach a certain amount of purchase. This will be a good start for merchants in order to getting more customers and get them come back.



Don’t easily give up if you don’t succeed from the beginning. It will take time for you to spark your customers' desire to buy your products and attract many visitors to your website. The most important thing is to be more creative and know what are the right channels that you can use to attract more customers. Since you know what to do now, don’t delay promoting your online store!

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