How to Sell Online to Non-Credit Card’s Users?

How to Sell Online to Non-Credit Card's Users?

Many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to remove barriers from customers’ purchasing experiences. With many payment options that exist today, there is no hurdle for customers to shop online.

In order to increase conversions and sales, making the choices of payment as many as possible for your customers to pay is essential. Payment process will be the final stop for people who shop on your website. But how to sell your online products to those who don’t have any credit cards?

1. Variety of payment methods

Many people tend to stop online shopping at the checkout page because of the discouragement they felt on the payment options provided by merchants. Most payment options do not follow to what they want or have.

Merchants must understand that not all customers have credit card. Thus, they also must know how to tackle their customers. If the target customers including low income people or people who do not have the credit card, the less payment options will be a big problem.

In order to tackle these type of customers, merchants must provide various payment methods to ease the customers making the transaction thus earning more profits. Choose a payment gateway that can provide you with many options of payment.


Allow making payment without account required

2. Allow making payment without an account

Most people are lazy to remember password and username. Creating an account likely prevent people from make a payment. Making people to create account will become a major killer to conversion rates thus bothering for first-time customers.

For e-commerce shoppers, they have enough password and usernames that they need to remember. Many customers do not understand why they need to sign up. Allowing customers to make a payment or checkout as a guest make it easier for potential customers to purchase.


Security and Privacy

3. Security and privacy

Always showcase the security measures that you have in your website since if the personal information is involved. Make sure that the customers information and details are safe and secure from hackers’ hands.

It is important to have a seamless design and not redirecting the customers to a third-party site in order to build trust among your potential purchaser.

Make sure you have a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate in your website for extra protection.

How will we help?

Choosing cash as one of the payment option might help customer to make a transaction. There are some people who prefer using cash rather than online payment that exist today.

People have their own reason when they choose their payment methods.

Providing cash payment can help to attract non-credit card user thus increase your online store profits. Furthermore, Malaysian people are most likely prefer cash payment in their daily transaction, reported by Nielsen.

The payment steps are also simple for customers to follow. Since using this payment method does not require bank account details and other personal details, customers can feel safer when shopping online but pay with cash.

All they have to do is shopping online, choose the physical store stated to make a cash payment at checkout and pay cash at the physical 7-Eleven or Petronas outlets.


Having a modern and up-to-date payment method, as well as collection of strategies, allow you to expand your business into the world that may not be considered as feasible in the past.

The growth of technology today make business owner face no barriers in selling their product. Customers will also have a peaceful mind and stress-free experience, knowing that they can have another secure payment option.

To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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