How to Pursue Global Growth with Your E-Commerce Business?

How to Pursue Global Growth with Your E-Commerce Business?

Today, we can reach our customers anywhere and anytime thanks to the technology. By using technology, we can fulfill the demands all around the world. For an example, people from countries with two seasons can get wheat although their countries do not have it. It is because technology can do anything that we think are impossible before especially with the help of e-commerce business.

Nothing is impossible now. It is the same thing with e-commerce business. People all over the world have communicated with each other through online.

How can we attract international attention towards our business?

1. Aim global

It is not even wrong to aim global even your business is still new in the industry. We can always work hard to attract people across the globe towards our business. When we aim to reach international stage, automatically we are forced to think and act like how international brands do in order to maintain their business.

We can think and act like a professional one indirectly. We can also aim international customers so that we have more experience in dealing with outsider. People inside and outside of country have a different attitude and different preference, so we have to be more careful.

2. Be hybrid

It is just an option for a business to have an app version, as not everyone have the access to the internet, let alone how to use a smartphones. But today, it is crucial to have an app version and mobile-friendly website. Customers would feel happy if they can access your website in an app version, or in a website form.

Customers are having a very busy and complicated life, so they want something that they can easily get information from. They will browse from their smartphones to get information. The importance of smartphones is as same as PC where they do their work in their smartphones too.

3. Offer global payment method

Isn’t it easy for you when you want to buy something and just pay it through a payment gateway that accepts most currencies around the world?

Razer Merchant Services accepts more than 100 currencies around the world to help their customers to pay items that they buy at the selected stores. Razer Merchant Services is a big name in Southeast Asia. they do accept payment from online or through offline.

For an example, Razer Merchant Services is collaborating with Lazada. Their customers can pay through 7-Eleven to buy something from Lazada and they can pay it in 48 hours before the online store cancel the order.

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