How to Make Your Online Shop Feels like Home?

How To Make Your Online Shop Feels Like Home?

People usually at their own comfort when they shop online. So, why do sellers need to provide a homelike feeling to the customers?

A home in this context may be defined as the first place that your customers be reminded of when they need something, when they want to get something effortlessly or even when they had a bad day. It does not mean the opposite where they only stay longer but buy nothing. Instead, they will never be calculative to spend on you.

The criterias that we usually find at home are comfort, ease and security. This indirectly takes home to the first thing that comes in our mind when we have nowhere to go, find calm and do the things we love.

Even if you might end up being a place which is good for window shopping sometimes, it is good for your business to grow this home kind of impression to the customers. One day or even several days after, you might be able to see them coming back to have it.

How to be a ‘home’ to your shoppers?

In order to give your online shop this kind of presence, it is much easier than a physical shop. The advantage that you have is the 24-hours operation, unless it shuts down unexpectedly due to some unexpected system maintenance in any of the systems that you employed.

1. Give them what they love

Love, in any matters, usually goes right when it is done mutually. Shoppers will come to you once they find an element that can make them in love. If you are up-to-date, you can always win in gaining new customers each time.

2. Give them space and freedom

When you are operating an online shop, you’ve already given enough space and freedom to your customers. You don’t follow them around and make sure they are catered.

The only follow-up that you have to do is when they put something in the cart or wishlist and they don’t proceed with the payment. Following them around too often will make them jump out from the shop early.

3. Give them a reliable support system

For sure, you have someone reliable or at least something that can make you feel fulfilled at home. In this case, always provide your customers with the satisfying support.

With this support, they will feel like they can rely on you. If you have a bad support system, you might not be able to gain their trust again.

4. Make them feel at ease and secure

Any online shops and websites must have a proper security wall as a business protection. Just like at home, no one has your key to open the door and make you feel restless. For your website, make sure to put all the security certificates that your website are complied to.

By doing this, your customers will be able to linger around your shop and spend a lot because they feel safe with you and never be doubtful with what you offer to them especially when making payment.

As payment process always come last, give them the best and shortest integration approach as possible. These effortless process give them the peace at heart.

5. Give rewards or benefits

Similar to a home, you can always reward yourself anyway you like. But, when we talk about shopping, free gifts and rewards always make us happy. Sometimes, we will find a person in a group who will buy something just to grab the rewards.

This would apply to the online shop too but sometimes, sending a big free gift would add up the postage cost. If you are wondering how you can give away the rewards via online, B Infinite might be a suitable solution.

Every purchase with Razer Merchant Services’s merchants will be given points and the point collected can be redeemed with any attractive promotions that B Infinite offer from time to time.


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