How to Keep Your Customers Close after a Campaign?

How to keep your customers close after a campaign?

“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.” says Kevin Stirtz.

For sure, sales can attract a sea of customers but, how to make them stay when there’s no sales or campaign? Customers are hard to get, but once they come to you, you should know how to keep them closer than anyone else.

This connection is what a business always seek for, in order to run a long-term business. But, seller always find it difficult to keep the contact with them after a sale and forced to be in the price battlefield. Here, we have few suggestions for you to try out:

1. Reward them

Reward customers

Reward or gift is always a fun thing to get especially after we spend our money on something. They often come to us as a little surprise that we often appreciate, and with that in your mind, you should reward your customer for every amount they spend. Maybe through points or free shipping for purchases over certain amount will already save a lot.

You have to decide which strategy will be useful for your long-term relationship with your customers. Even a small note saying thank you is enough to make your customers smile.

2. Save their details

Save their details

Customer’s details are very important to keep, especially after the sale was done. Then you’ll know. If you have a website, you can email them and ask them to subscribe so you can notify them when you have new products to update.

Besides that, if you keep their informations you can detect whether they are a new customer or a returning customer. From all the details you keep, you can track their purchases and buying preferences. You can cater to customer’s demands and needs easily if everything is kept well in your database.

3. Keep in touch and get to know them personally

Keep in touch and get to know them personally

It might be hard for every business to get personal to their customers but this thing will benefit the business the most. Try to understand them and be helpful when it comes to their problems.

As a seller, you should assure your customers that your products or services are worth every penny they spend. Sometimes, they are reluctant to complete their purchases because of their doubt. Ask them personally for their opinions about your website or your products and services.

Listen to what your customer’s opinions because they are the one who keep you going. Respect their thoughts and listen to what they want to see. Sometimes, all they want to ask for is your improvement.

4. Be honest with your customers

Be honest with your customers

As simple as it sounds, there are many sellers who still cannot be honest with their customers. Evaluate what you are selling and quality of your products and services. If something is wrong, just tell them instead of you just want to make a sale without thinking of customer’s side.

For example, if your products are already expired, tell them honestly or just stop selling that. Rather than you made a bad sale, receive customer’s rants and lost all your customers after that, it is not going to worth anything.

5. Be consistent with your performance

Be consistent with your performance

The system that you use surely plays a huge role to your ability to serve your customers, be it in the website or payment gateway. If you have implemented the good system, the customers will be comfortable to buy from you.

Let’s say if the website slows down or the payment process keeps failing, isn’t that hold a big part in customer’s purchasing experience?

Try to hit their comfort point and they will never be able to resist you. When your system gives no difficulty to the customers, they will surely come back without any burden in their hearts.

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