How to Improve the E-Commerce Conversion Rate for Your Business

How To Improve the E-Commerce Conversion Rate For Your Business

Nowadays, people are more likely to shop online. In the e-commerce arena, entrepreneur must look for the ways on how to improve their e-commerce conversion rates.

There are some parts that need more attentions from merchants in order to increase the conversion rates that can be obtained easily.

Optimizing the conversion rate is about receiving more current and existing customers hence raising the return on investments. However, whether your e-commerce website increase or below national average, it will have more works to get done in order to improve the conversion rate and improve sales.

Here are the ways on how to improve e-commerce conversion rate for your business:

Improving the product description

1. Improving the product description

When selling a product, it is important to put the descriptions regarding the product you are selling. Having a great product description is a part of product detail page optimization.

Merchants must make sure that their product descriptions are clear, simple, substantial and easy to understand.

Cover all the important points and details regarding the products. Merchants can provide as much information as possible regarding their product in the product description.

The product description will provide value and details that help customers to make decision in purchasing.


Payment Options

2. Payment Options

Payment options also play the crucial role in improving e-commerce conversion rates in your business.

Merchants can offer any payment methods including credit cards to ensure the visitors can pay the way they like. There are also many payment gateway providers for merchants that provide many method of payments with suitable charges and fees.

Choosing the best payment gateway provider can ease customers to make a transaction.

By providing many options of payment method, customers will have many options in choosing the right payment method that they need. Offering multiple payment options will help you to win over some of your customers that you would lose otherwise.



3. Shipping

Having free shipping is essential to conversion rates. When customers reach the point that they are ready to make the purchase, shipping costs can be the reason they end the entire sales process.

According to MarTech, 28% of the customers how doing online shopping will abandon their cart if the shipping cost is too high. Customers will leave your website if they are not too happy with the shopping costs or delivery time of the products.

Provide free or reduced costs of shipping for certain shopping carts can increase the conversion rate for your e-commerce business.

A research made by Shepler, a website that sells western apparel found that shipping costs will affect the percentage of people buying online. When the shipping cost is reduced, it increases the sales and also acquire new customers.


Simple website pages

4. Simple website pages

Having a simple website that also provides social proof to customers also can lead to improve the ecommerce conversion rate for your business.

It also can lead to engagement with your potential customers who have shown the interest towards the products. Product pages are the most visited parts by customers in any e-commerce websites.

Create a feedback platform for your customers to give a review regarding your products that they already purchased. Blast a reminder to the customers by using email that the customers have provided.

A few feedbacks from previous customers can lead to the potential customers to purchase items from your website thus improve your business conversion rate. Keep your page simple and focus on the products that you sell.



Making the purchasing process as simple and as smooth as you can is really important. Eliminate all doubts and hesitations throughout the customer’s purchasing process to give them the reason to coming back to your sites.

You can also increase their e-commerce conversion rates by using a few analytics reports. Merchants will start gaining more and more accurate conversion rates when making some improvements in their e-commerce site hence keeping your potential customers from running away.

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