How to Design a Great Checkout Experience?

Ways To Manage Your E-Commerce Risk

In the world of e-commerce, every business owner is relentlessly looking to outperform their rivals. They seek even the tiniest opportunities or any possibilities in edging their competitors.

One opportunity or rather a factor that can determine your lead over your rivals is by improving your checkout session. Any businesses that can provide a great checkout session are more than likely to be ahead of their competitors.

Do it right and you will earn yourself plenty of customers

1. Create easy navigation and simple forms

Create easy navigation and simple forms

Customer checkout experience can easily be interpreted. Just put yourself in your customer shoes. After selecting the product you want, the first thing that will cross your mind is “How do I checkout?”.

A well optimized checkout system or navigation can help to ease customer checkout session. You need to keep the process as streamlined as possible to avoid any delay or frictions during the checkout.

Keep in mind, any distractions during the checkout process could lead to your customers losing interest. So it is best to remove as many obstacles as possible. Also, make sure to clear the page of unneeded links or forms as they can be seen as distractions to your customers.

2. Multiple payment options

Provide multiple payment options

In today’s e-commerce environment, conventional one-fits-all payment method is not legitimate anymore. Forcing your customers to use traditional online payment such as bank transfer or cash-on-delivery can have a major impact on your conversion rates.

This is where having multiple payment option can come handy. Customers love to be given options and payment method is one of it. By giving your customers multiple options on how to pay, they are more likely to complete their transaction conveniently.

Keep in mind payment gateways are starting to gain popularity around the world and if you don’t have them on your site, you could be losing your current customers and potential customers too.

3. Post-purchase interactions

Retain post-purchase interactions

You might think that once a customer has completed their transaction, the process is complete. True enough, it can be seen that way. However, from a customer’s perspective, they still have few things left to do. One of them is what to do next? They might have no idea what should they do after they pay.

By that time, be sure to offer your gratitude towards them. Adding a post-purchase appreciation will not only make your customers feel appreciated but potentially make them feel welcome to shop again.

Another thing that might profit you and your customers during the post-purchase is to add a little advertisement about products related to the one that your customer bought or the one that they clicked on before. This may increase your sales as some situation could lead customers saying “Oh, I forgot that I need that”. Hence, the second purchase is on its way.

4. Free shipping

Offer free shipping

Believe it or not, the number of cart abandonment can be traced back from the results of costs of shipping and managing. Customers usually abandoned their cart right before the checkout after knowing that they have to pay for shipping and other surprising costs.

The final stage is important, that is when you secure the deal. No customers want to be surprised with extra payment. It is hard enough for them to pay for the product and they got to know they have to make additional payment?

Casually, the cost is there whether you include it in the price or mentioned it at the product detail’s section but try to avoid the price-shock at the checkout. That is what chase your customers away.

Adding the “free-shipping” policy is a great way to secure a transaction. What a better way to close a transaction other than ending it with “free shipping”? Your customers will not think twice to proceed the checkout.

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