The Mobile Trend: How to Benefit from the Upcoming Trend

The Mobile Trend: How to Benefit from the Upcoming Trend

While other merchants are trying to improve the effectiveness of their website, you should consider the global motion towards the mobile platform.

The figure from The Consumer Barometer is clear, noting about 35% of smartphone users exclusively used their smartphone as a way to access the Internet. On top of that, Sajith Sivanandan, managing Director of Google Malaysia, said “This figure is deemed to be highest in the world, making Malaysia the No 1 country in the world when it comes to smartphone Internet access exclusivity”.

Thus, while it is important to improve your web sites, it is critical that you start thinking about managing your payment process within mobile sites. Mobile sites have different parts and components to it. In this blog, I will elaborate on the payment elements within a mobile site (as you may have figured).

It is worth to note that every payment gateway provides different advantages and disadvantages. So, how do you pick the payment gateway that makes your mobile site stands out within the pack?

Bigger Choice

The choice that I am referring here is the choice of payment channels and options that your payment gateway can provide. Either your payment gateway serves local, International, or even both, should be a consideration for you.

In addition, you will also benefit greatly if you can provide both iOS and Android platform, which accounts to approximately 50% of the smartphone market.

Bigger choices for payment options provide your customers with alternatives, which is always good especially with the current level of competition. While this may not be the most significant point for a mobile site, but it may improve the size of your market significantly.

Hassle Free Checkouts

Personally, I could guarantee that this is the most important point of a mobile site. There are numerous amounts of complaints for bad mobile processes, not to mention sites that are not mobile-view friendly.

For starter, your payment gateway should have their own mobile SDK for iOS and Android smart phones. Mobile SDK is simply a set of tools that allows your mobile site customers to pay through the payment gateway.

You should note that you might need a developer to integrate the mobile SDK to your mobile site, so choosing the simplest SDK is your best bet.

After you have your mobile SDK, now you have to know whether the checkout is simple enough for your customers. (Try to ask for a sample checkout model from your payment gateway if needed) By selecting a lean solution for your payment process, you will cut down your cart abandonment rate and thus improving your overall sales.

Customer Loyalty

While it is important to get a new set of customers, you must also provide a solution for your frequent customers.

One of the solutions is to include a faster checkout experience for your loyal customers. A quick checkout not only will assist you in closing deals, but it will also stop your customers to make any last minute changes.

These three pillars may prepare your mobile site for the upcoming trend in mobile platform. Now, it is your choice to choose the best-fit payment solution for your mobile site. Whatever your final decision is, you should prepare for the upcoming rise of the mobile industry.

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