How to Attract Millennial Shoppers to your Website?

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Born in between 1980s and 2000s, millennials have been focused a lot over the last several years. It is easy to understand why. Between being more frugal, sceptical, environmentally conscious and not to mention tech-savvy, they are re-shaping the online shopping world.

Regarded as the first generation to be borned into technology age, they embrace and align themselves with technology. Whether they want to talk, socialize or even going to a place, technology will always be part of those things.

Hence, it is not a surprise when they shop online, they are drawn to up-to-date websites. So, how do you attract millennials to your website?

1. Personalize customer’s shopping experience

Personalize customer’s shopping experience

Millennials and technologies are inseparable, that is a fact. Despite the norm, millennials are prone to listening and engaging in a two-way dialogue. Being born into a world full of digital and technologies, sometimes, a two-way communication could be out-of-the-norm experience they need.

For a shopping website, having a live chat can prove to be useful in engaging with them. Not only it will provide helps, a live chat can also be treated as a medium to promote convenience and to show them you care about your customers. Apart from live chat, a greeting for returning customer is also useful. Reminding them that they are appreciated and honoured for coming back again.

Personalized shopping experience also can be expressed through loyalty programs. This feature can attract even the new and potential millennial customers. It will be hard for these tech-savvy group to say no to a rewarding feature.

2. Create videos and share them

Create videos and share them

When it comes to sharing, explaining and attracting, there are no better ways of doing it else than video. Not to belittle the written word, but videos add a punch to your marketing efforts that text just can’t. For millennials, that punch is what attracts them. Video ads generate far more emotional cues than a photo and even text. This can result in increasing interest from millennials.

As established before, millennials are a tech-savvy generations. They also like to relate the product videos with other shoppers used product, to compare them visually. Thus, if you create a video with the right content, they will not hesitate to visit your website for more information.

Whether the video is an inspiring video or even a how-to video, the probability of them watching it is high. It is estimated that millennials are 1.5 times more likely to watch videos while shopping online before they decide if they want to buy the product.

3. Social media

Social media

Social media are an extraordinarily important part of millennial’s digital lives. To them, social media are more than a mere platform for interaction. To them, social media is a part of their personal matters.

While it is important to them, it should also be important to you. By utilizing social media, crafting social media campaign, you could capture their attention and spread awareness.

Make sure when you decide to do this, take into account the design of your social media marketing campaign. The advertisement, promotion and also the pictures of your product need to have interaction elements so it can connect with millennials.

Millennials need to feel that they can connect with your product through the video. Hence, including that element into your campaign is important.

So, take your time when designing your marketing campaign. Millennials are hard to impress because they were born into an age where everything needs to be impressive.

Include the popular, up-to-trend elements into your social media campaign such as adding the trending music into your advertisement video or even a trending artist.

4. Utilize influencer

Utilize influencer

Over the last decade, we have witnessed the rapid growth of social media. According to several studies, 3028 billion people are active social users. It is not a surprise if more than half of it is consisting of millennials.

Inevitably, social media users will look up to influencers in social media to guide them in any aspects of their lives, depending on the influencer category. This category are limitless, from health to property and even technologies. Influencer built their status from their knowledge or their expertise on specific field.

Usually, a media social influencer will have a ton of followers. With the huge numbers, these people are the trusted voices of the digital space and the millennials are prone to listen to them.

As part of marketing campaign, tapping influencers with a large follower base is a great way for you to deliver brands to millennials.

Influencers have the ability to promote interest among their followers about your product. Subsequently, that will lead to millennials visiting your website for more information.

5. Ease payment process

Ease payment process

All the things you have considered above might not be performing to its best when they got turned off by the payment process. To millennials, cash is still kicking even though they are seen as the generation that goes for fast processes by the older generation. This is fairly quoted that, 6 in 10 millennials say they don’t have a credit card.

However, this does not mean you have to ignore the other 40% of the millennial population where they prefer credit card, online banking and mobile payment that is on the rise. But, the perception that traditional payment method or cash is no longer in use should be demolished.

Hence, a payment gateway that is able to cater the non-credit card users is important when you look into fully understand the need of millennials, as a whole.

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