How to Attract Different Type of Customers through Razer Merchant Services

Attract customers with Razer Merchant Services

Simplifying things is never an easy task. When it comes to customers, a one-fits-all solution should be avoided in your online business especially in payment. Although you might think it is economically easy to execute and might be a less expensive solution, you need to ask yourself, is it enough?

Apart from getting convenience, it will also attract potential customers and we all know there are lots of different types of customer out there with different types of shopping behaviours.

Attracting customers through your payment options

At Razer Merchant Services, we provide a variety of payment options dedicated to cater different types of customers and their needs. From impulsive customers to cash preferred customer, yes, cash preferred online shopping customer, we cater them too and many more.

1. Impulsive customer


Impulsive customers are known to make quick buying decisions but only if the conditions are right for them. Their conditions are not hard to meet. Other than offering products that they want/need at the right price, a smooth and easy checkout process can easily attract them.

Having Razer Merchant Services seamless integration for your checkout will not only attract them but also be the deal sealer. This feature eliminates one of the most annoying thing in checkout process, redirection. For these customers, that is a big deal.


2. Loyal customers


For most businesses, what thrives them forward are the loyal customers. Loyal customers are regarded as the backbone of a business. Their highly-devoted trust and loyalty are what every business seek and yearns to gain.

With Razer Merchant Services Loyalty Program, customer’s loyalty can be promoted and nurtured among the existing customer. B-Infinite allows customers to enjoy all kind of rewards. Customers are given reward points for every purchase using Razer Merchant Services after they enable Razer Merchant Services Loyalty Program but they must enter their BCARD number after the purchase has been made.

Reward points collected then can be used to redeem or purchase items from any Razer Merchant Services merchants who have enabled BCard Redemption. It does not stop there because the rewards are also available in the form of discounts in many other participating shops.


3. Mobile-savvy customers

Mobile Savvy

If you wonder how your business can grow in this tech-savvy century, the answer is optimizing your business to attract mobile-savvy customers.

Statista forecasted that in 2018, there will be 4.93 billion mobile phone users worldwide and a whopping 61.2% mobile internet penetrations according to another Statista’s forecast.

Razer Merchant Services addressed this as an opportunity with many potential ways to benefit it. Hence the Mobile XDK, an optimized cross-platform mobile application payment kit designed to ease any mobile platforms; mobile and hybrid.

Integrating with Mobile XDK means that your mobile-savvy customers have access to easy mobile app checkout.

Mobile XDK also allows merchant to customize the user interface (UI) according to your preference to fit your mobile theme. Additionally, the autosave payment data feature can also will help you to save payment data automatically.

4. Cash-preferred customers

The advent of online payment does not mean that cash is forgotten. In fact, cash is still the king for most Southeast Asia countries. But for online businesses, attracting cash-preferred customer to buy their online product can be a challenge. That is the case for most Malaysian online businesses.

The fact that most Malaysian prefer cash, their businesses have to depend on the small segment of online payment-preferred customers. But with Razer Cash, that issue can be change into an opportunity.

Razer Cash act as connector for online shoppers to pay cash for online product.

This online-to-offline (O2O) payment developed specifically to cater customers who prefer cash, yet able to use card payment and even those without bank accounts. How it works is customers will purchase product online and a receipt will be issued. Customers then bring the receipt to the nearest 7-Eleven store and simply pay it there in cash.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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