How Secure is Credit Card Payment with Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment?

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Credit card payment often described as an easy and fast channel of payment. But, due to the card details insertion, some customers doubt if their details are kept in an insecure way. As a result, they prefer other types of payment modes or worse, they just abandon the cart and leave immediately.

Thus, merchants are encouraged to activate Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment in the card payment channel and educate how this feature actually works.

What makes Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment secure?

Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment is the tokenization service, in which it replaces the customers’ card details with tokens. Therefore, the details in the system are kept in a way that are unidentified by anybody.

With Secure 1-Click Payment, customers only need to enter all the card details such as card numbers, Card Verification Value (CVV), one-time password (OTP) to proceed to card payment page. After the first payment is made, the card details will be kept in tokens and help frequent buyers/payers not to insert the details all over again.

In short, Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click payment help to:

1. No need to re-enter 16-digit credit card number
Frequent buyers of the website will have their card details in the system and avoid being the target of cybercrime.

2. High success rate in transactions
It reduces failure in transactions and capture 94% of successful transaction rates in which it is able to direct the payment securely to the merchants and service providers.

3. Higher level of security and compliance standard
Increase the confidence of customers to pay with credit card payment methods which is secure and complied with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

4. Mobile UI/UX friendly
The payment page is designed with security controls and UI/UX friendly, in which customers can easily fill in the required details successfully and understandable by the customers.


To find out more about Secure 1 Click payment for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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