How Razer Merchant Services engineers withstand surging transactions on 11.11

Experienced the most tensed 36-hours of all sales events

Days and months before 11.11, we were so worried of how this year’s campaign had been blown up all over Malaysia.

But, we anticipated it so much and curious at how the result would turn out after all the efforts we invested on the infrastructure, technical deployments and all our valuable resources.

11.11 is a war ground for all of us, and speaking of war, we didn’t stop after winning one battle. Double-11 in Razer Merchant Services had its own series of strategies, adjustment and achieving good results.

Hence, the intense preparation had been going on for a very long time; monitor and optimize every single aspect from daily to hourly basis.

However, the payment industry is not only operated by a single party. If an error was developed by another party, there were issues where we could not get involved in.

11.11, 3 AM - Emergency meeting

How the engineers withstand 11.11

There were 23 engineers and 12 operation team members were on standby for 36 hours in the office.

We ate, slept, and took shower here.

But, to be real, we hardly dared to move from our spots, as each second was crucial; our heart beat so fast every time the traffic hit the peak and when we overdid last year’s record.

When the alerts popped up on the system, we gathered and discussed on the spot, find the bottlenecks and solve it immediately or later. Our fast action had thankfully led to good results.

11.11, 4 AM - Backed by data to solve issues

After all the battles, our payment system stayed solid throughout the 11.11.

With merchants who held 11.11 more actively this year such as Lazada, 11street, Uniqlo, Hermo, Fashionvalet, they had also achieved great results.

When the day ended, we realized that 11.11 was a valuable experience that can only be acquired by company that processes massive volume, and it is the route that all big, technical companies had underwent before their system become so robust and matured.

See you on 12.12 and next year’s 11.11!

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