How Platform Operators Grow Their Business

You remember how your online business starts out... You begin from a small number of regular customers, but now you face a much bigger problem: Scalability

As your business gain more sales, your daily transaction grows and you start to wonder what to do now?

Scalability can be dealt by increasing the number of employees within your company, streamlining your business model and operations, and last not the least using an effective payment solution to counter the scalability issues in your company.

Streamlining your business model and operations may need a lot of investment in time, which is why most companies prefer to ask for help from the professionals that may give important suggestions to improve your business. While they may be costly, they are worth the price.

Find reputable consulting companies that have experience in managing a company within your scale and industry.

Last but not the least, ineffective payment solutions lead to confusions, frustrations, and inefficiencies.

Finding a payment solution that can cater to a large number of individuals is a must.

If your business works with many merchants and sub merchants, you will require a solution to work with the complexity brought by the interactions of the merchants and sub merchants and let you monitor those transactions at the same time.

Some of the features you would need in this solution:

Marketplace Payment - segregating and managing all payments between multiple sub merchants

Mass Payment - an automated payment and reporting system

Recurring payment - adopting as a trusted 3rd party on behalf of buyer and seller

Many businesses fail to notice the issue of scalability and as a result many are not able to capture key moments during their business lifecycle. Let’s learn from those mistakes and capitalize on your growing business.

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