How Razer Merchant Services API can connect you to all Southeast Asia payment methods

Razer Merchant Services API can connect you to all Southeast Asia payment methods

How many of us have thought that setting up a payment system is easy? We believe, many of us did.

Setting up your own payment system won’t be easy, not even for big companies. They would rather hand this over to a company that primarily focuses on payment. Setting it up on your own is almost similar to setting up a totally different business. It can even divert your main focus on your main business.

What do we do?

It is hard to gather all of the banks that your customers use by yourself. It is a lengthy process even if it involves only one or two banks. Hence, we create Direct Server API that will allow you to accept payment for your business from your customers all over Southeast Asia and reach larger client base regardless of the bank accounts they use.

Why Direct Server API?

1. Ready payment options for cross-border

Direct Server API provides you more than 100 payment channels around Southeast Asia. To reach larger client base, having a solid options of payment is a must. In the case of Southeast Asia, customers prefer using local methods of payment which was why our Direct Server API is connecting to hundreds of domestic options.

2. Grow anytime, anywhere

Once you have the right feature for your business, you can grow anytime when you are ready. If you are using the wrong strategy, you will grow slowly. Payment processing application takes a lot of time. You do not only need one or two banks to work with you, but you will need more if you want more customers to buy from you.

3. No complex integration

Imagine having to go to multiple banks in order to build your payment system and finding it more complex than you actually thought? Applications cannot be processed within 1 or 2 days. That doesn’t include the countries that you want to reach other than your country. Hence, doing it only for the sake of a single business entity might not be worth it.

4. Nearly full control on checkout UI/UX

We make your checkout UI/UX smooth by eliminating Razer Merchant Services identity and direct the end users straight to bank’s page. By eliminating redirection, it helps to increase at least 5% success rate in transactions.

Confused customers always leave the page when there is a redirection. Hence, we support our merchants by making our name invisible from the checkout page, when in fact, we are everywhere.

5. Minimum request and response time

We keep our request and response time minimum at less than 100ms to ensure the buyer loading time is handled on-time. We monitor the operation to ensure the loading time is at a satisfying level.

Case Study: Optimizing the speed for API

After optimizing the speed of our API, we managed to boost the request number that takes 30.7ms response time in average. The previous time taken was 183ms in average and it has successfully improved by 5x faster. Now, any requests that take later than the optimized speed has been reduced effectively.

We make sure to practice a similar procedure to Kaizen (改善) in our operational and technical activities, therefore we can keep improving everything to its best state.

Let's get to know our clients and learn how you can grow like them. Would like to know on how you can integrate through our Direct Server API? Feel free to reach us.

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