How Mobile XDK Integrates a Payment Gateway into a Mobile App

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Mobile app is the practical platform for generation nowadays. Some of them even think that mobile app is better than a mobile website, in which it takes lesser time for customers to stay on the internet and jump from one website to another. But, there is a problem in developmental stage of a mobile app, which is seriously related to the payment integration.

This issue is common for mobile developers especially when finding the right fit of a mobile payment gateway.

Due to the inflexibility, they have to closely choose from the beginning to the end to make sure their efforts and resources will not go to waste. This rigid process has finally come to a solution where Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK is designed.

How is Mobile XDK different?

Mobile XDK is different from other existent payment gateway as it is designed specifically for in-app payments. Among the reasons are:

1. Flexible

Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK is flexible to be integrated regardless of what development tools that the developer used when building the app. As it works as a cross-platform payment kit, it supports any mobile processor as well as the developmental tools.

2. More payment options

Razer Merchant Services provides the same payment options on both web and in-app. Therefore, the options are unlimited, which includes credit/debit card, online banking, Razer Cash and more.

3. Secure and reliable

As Mobile XDK carries PCI-DSS and tokenization inside the payment system, it is secure for customers to use and even reliable for the customers to key in their payment details inside the app.

4. Easy integration

The integration of Mobile XDK only takes less than 5 steps into the app and suitable for amateurs in which the turnaround time is only 2 days.

5. Has recorded a high number of in-app transactions

A lot of prominent merchants in Razer Merchant Services integrated their in-app payment via and makes it one of the platform that is able to capture 223% growth since February 2017.


To find out more about Mobile XDK for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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