How does Razer Cash help during uncertain times?

How does Razer CASH help during uncertain times?

Razer Merchant Services is broadening its range to all Malaysia’s 7-Eleven stores and Petronas stations with Razer Cash. In March 2017, Razer Merchant Services co-founder and CEO Eng Sheng Guan announced that Razer Merchant Services and 7-Eleven Malaysia have collaborated to launch a new payment method for e-commerce business merchants.

This new method is innovated to enable them to accept cash from online shoppers at the closest 7-Eleven outlets.

The new service is offered for clients that want to shop online, but have no online payments or cards in as an optional method for paying individuals' shopping cart without entering in their banking details in the webpage.

Razer CASH offers a free and helpful approach to pay cash for online exchanges while empowering merchants to achieve a more extensive client base.

On taking an interest online dealer destinations, purchasers can pay with Razer CASH option other than the available payment methods, for example, VISA and Mastercard.

How does Razer Cash work?

How does Razer Cash work?

  • From checking out of a webpage to proceed buying by selecting Razer Cash as their payment option will direct to a transaction ID and verification code will then be created.
  • The purchaser is required to take their transaction ID and verification code to the closest 7-Eleven outlet and make the payment.
  • Once the installment has been done, a receipt will be issued and updated on the buyer purchasing status.
  • Customer then only has to wait for their purchased items to reach them.

Razer CASH, during uncertain times

1. No rush

As to support the Razer Merchant Services tagline, “Buy Everywhere, Pay Anywhere”, Razer Merchant Services offers a 48-hours payment settlement at any 7-Eleven or Petronas station outlets across the country before cancelling the request made. Customers do not have to rush on making payments.

They can make the settlement at any convenient time, such as housewives who have no transports might make any online buyings by just relaxing at their own home and wait for their husbands to return home and help them on paying.

2. Always available

7-Eleven and Petronas are operating 24-hrs nationwide whereas most if not all credit and debit card transactions will be suspended from 12.00 am to 4.30 am to enable system updates.

3. No more uncertainty with online shopping

Uncertainty would drive out of the fear of security risk too, paying with cash shields your cash and individual data from security ruptures. It is on the grounds that, while paying with cash, there is no individual data or points of interest required all the while. The clients will hand over the cash themselves.

Enough to say, there is no danger of individual information or record theft while paying with cash. With the online-to-offline (O2O) system that is rising right now, it is simpler for web-based business to utilize the administration and let their clients pay with cash.

At the point when pay using cash, the capability of being gotten some information about your email address or telephone number is less. By paying cash will keep them away from any of these circumstances to happen.

4. Less possibility to overspend

As seen, foreign students who receive money through moneygram from their parents mostly would not own an online banking account or credit cards.

Since purchasing by cash will allow no squirm space for overspending. Customer will think more about the value of money and consequences of spending while hand over cash, they can cancel the order anytime before they make the payment.

Would it be encouraged for you to go back to paying by cash?

Razer Cash addresses the issue for cash-paying buyers. It is even utilized by buyers with credit cards who need to have more control over their own finance.

Some days, the dread of losing control of your credit or debit card in a misrepresentation or fraud can overpower the convenience of swiping your card to buy anything.

Nevertheless, for the people who have no credit or debit cards who would like to do online purchasing fortunately Razer CASH to help on completing the transaction and enjoy online purchasing without barriers.

To find out more about cash payment for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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