How to accept online payment for home delivery service?

How do you accept online payment for home delivery service?

“I want to deliver groceries and gas tank to my customers. But, how to handle their payment if I don’t have an online payment system?”

If you have this concern in mind, you probably used to do cash-on-delivery, until one day, a customer asked, “Can I transfer my money to you via online banking?” This might not be something that you did before, hence you are quite reluctant to compromise. But somehow, this is how your customers want it to be - online payment for home delivery service.

Pay in-person and online transfer

A recent research found out that a clear majority of young adults have the say that they prefer to shop in-person. However, there comes more than half digital shoppers said that they love to pay via online transfers. This pattern seems a bit contradicting but it brings a new perspective to us that customers should now be able to customize their own purchasing flow. That’s why we bring you to this new helper, VT.

What’s good about Razer Merchant Services VT?

Razer Merchant Services VT
If you haven’t met our virtual terminal (Razer Merchant Services VT), it is an app that enables you to accept payment anywhere you go. You can download it on your smartphone and get paid at any house you go.

  1. As lightweight as possible

Not only it is light in weight (of course, it depends on your smartphone models) but it also doesn’t take a big chunk of your storage. The latest version would only take at least 13.6MB storage once installed. Imagine riding a motorcycle on your way to delivery without any discomfort? Who wouldn’t go for this untroublesome friend?

  1. Easy to start and set up

Unlike other payment processors, the setup of a terminal alone would need you to go through a few persons before you can actually start to sell. The best thing about Razer Merchant Services VT is you can download it, fill in the information, then start using it once activated, in less than 10 minutes, all by your own.

  1. No need to prepare for the balance

When you accept cash, you cannot really predict the amount that your customers will give to you. It might be a fixed amount or it might be bigger. Sometimes, you need to ask them first, how much they want to pay so that you could bring a sufficient balance. Doesn’t this take a lot of your time and also the space in your pocket? With Razer Merchant Services VT, you can accept card, online banking and evene-wallet payment, all in one.

If you would like to know more about how you can accept online payment for home delivery services, feel free to reach us out.

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