Question of the day: How can you use Razer Merchant Services?

There are various payment types when it comes to businesses; some have it because of business strategies, while others use it because others used it and some simply want it just to ease their mind. In any stages you are in, Razer Merchant Services is ready to fit you in.

As mentioned above, different payment types have different styles of getting paid. Thus, getting the perfect recipe of payment types may be difficult for some individuals. Once you know the payment type, we can help you get the perfect solution.

Ways of Using Razer Merchant Services


collect payments for online product and services

collect tuition fees, semester fees, books, memberships
to pay for group travel packages, deposits, installments, rental fees

movies, concerts, theme park admission tickets, etc.

Subscription Fees

online entertainment services, online movies, e-books, e-magazines, newspaper, etc.

accept monetary donations for charity homes, disaster aids, schools, non-profit foundations, etc.
Mobile Apps

accept payments from purchases through mobile smart phones

With more than 10 different products/features, with the easiest integration, we guarantee your online business will provide the security and convenience to accept payments any time and any where.

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