How Can Razer Merchant Services Virtual Terminal App Accept Payment Anytime Anywhere?

How Can Razer Merchant Services Virtual Terminal App Accept Payment Anytime Anywhere?

If you are looking for an all-in-one payment processor that you can bring anytime anywhere, Razer Merchant Services Virtual Terminal app has the answer! Download it to your smartphone, and you can then carry a card processor, payment gateway, e-wallets and billing system single-handedly.

What is Razer Merchant Services VT?

Razer Merchant Services VT is a POS terminal in the form of a mobile app. It is designed for businesses to perform sales wherever the market takes them. It works as a unified payment app for all payment options. When we say “all”, we really mean it.

What payment methods does Razer Merchant Services VT support?

  • Credit / Debit Card
  • E-Wallets
  • Online Banking
  • Bills (via Payment Link)

Why Razer Merchant Services VT?

1. Save cost

Cutting cost can often go wrong, but with Razer Merchant Services VT, you can only go right. Unlike other payment processors, VT can accept cards and e-wallets with a single app which will save you from mountaining maintenance costs for different terminals. Even if you have other branches or sub-businesses, a minimal additional fee will be charged if you use the same VT account.

2. Easy to Set Up

Once you have registered and downloaded, all Razer Merchant Services VT functions and payment options are ready-to-use. It only needs a smartphone and internet connection, and then you can let it run within just three steps!

3. Lightweight

Looking at how it carries the whole payment functions on its own, you might think that it would be at least 30mb, but trust us, it halves the size and most importantly, does not lag.

4. New business opportunity

Bearing too much costs and integration works can blind you from seeing new opportunities. With VT, regardless of new or existing payment options that are hot on-trend, they are available on the app, and you can enable or disable them.

5. Ultimate convenience

Do you still think being face-to-face is convenient? Let customers pay the way they want to. If they prefer face-to-face, you can just scan their credit card or e-wallet. If they love the opposite, you can send them the payment link with more payment options. All solved in VT.

6. Secure

Lack of trust can be harmful to your business, especially between you and your sub-sellers. If your business runs on VT, worry no more about money loss. No matter how many sub-sellers you have, you can have full control and provide sub-accounts with sub-sellers, but all the payments that they accept will directly go into the main account, which is yours.

How does Razer Merchant Services VT work?

1. Choose any payment methods or send a bill by clicking the payment link.

2. Send the payment link to customer's phone number/social channels.

3. Payment link sent.

4. Customer to make payment.

Your business will need to adapt to post-coronavirus, where most customers prefer contact-free payment options. You need something that can do it all and Razer Merchant Services VT is definitely best to cater to this vast demand on-the-go. Want to collect payment anytime anywhere? Feel free to contact us.

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