Who is the Hidden Power Behind Some Invisible Payments in Malaysia?

Who is the hidden power behind some invisible payments in Malaysia?

In order to deliver the most seamless experience, merchants are given different options to integrate their business platform with our payment system. But, the most important thing before jumping into any decision is to understand what approach that suit their business nature.

Some businesses may need a really fast payment process that they could not let any third-party’s interference. In this case, merchant can choose to make Razer Merchant Services’s name invisible or less visibility the payment process.

Be reminded that choosing the wrong one will affect the productivity and loss of profits due to the issues that are sensitive to the customers. For examples, time and security.

Which approaches are perfect to set up invisible payment?

As you have noticed about the integration approaches that we offer, you might not realize how each approach can bring difference to your business setting. In this article, three types of integration will be highlighted and you can understand how seamless they are.

1. Direct Server API

This integration enables merchant to customize the whole payment flow for better UI/UX. This approach lets merchants to implement server-to-server and get the payment directed to bank without our name interference.

2. Seamless Integration

Seamless integration mainly help business to connect directly to banks. If compared to hosted payment or normal integration, customers need to go through Razer Merchant Services’s payment page first before being linked to the bank.

Our seamless integration can let the customers skip our payment page and help to check out faster.

3. Inpage Checkout

This integration can help card users to pay directly on the merchant’s checkout page. The customers only need to fill out the necessary card details which take less than a minute. The payment flow will only involve the card name without our name popped out in the page.

Why do you need the right integration?

Invisible payment is not new. Many businesses out there have seen dramatic shift when they have found the right payment flow that their customers like.

The simple example is a renowned application which already used the credit system that drive cashless behaviour and fast payment process by deducting the total amount from the registered card number.

Worry not, the system is equipped with tokenization which replaces the sensitive items with tokens. This feature can help to prevent the customer to fill in the same details every time they use or any card payment abuses.

As we aware, real-time services should have a very fast system. If not, there will be a lot of conflicts that can happen between merchant and customers.

That is why the integration approaches that we suggested above have eliminated any possible issues such as:

  • Interruption
    Some customers may feel interrupted when they see other names and make them feel less sure to make a decision. To avoid any interruptions, merchants may consider to make our name invisible.
  • Confusion
    When a merchant encounter a first-time payer, they will have a lot of questions, such as, “Why does the website suddenly directed me to Razer Merchant Services’s page?” This confusion can be critical for your business if you are doing a business which need you to be fast.
  • Slowness
    An extra step may cause slowness to your business depends on what nature do you use. If it’s more to real-time, you need to consider the fastest payment process.

Any merchants would know how payment process plays a big role in their business performance but some may still wondering how to maximize the growth.

Before making any decisions, it is important to visualize what payment environment will suit your business nature. This is to make sure that a merchant can set up the business platform of their dream and choose the best way to get paid.

Moving forward, our payment will be evolved into IoT and the smarter way to get paid is going to be in your hand very soon!

To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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