Handling Razer Merchant Services Payment Status

Razer Merchant Services merchant is notified on the payment status through PASSIVE and ACTIVE mode. In PASSIVE mode, merchant system is to wait for status notification from Razer Merchant Services, which is compulsory to implement.

Whereas ACTIVE mode, or previously known as the PSQ (payment status query), is optional and the request is initiated from the merchant system to requery on the payment status.

Passive Mode (Notification Endpoints/Webhook)

Passive Mode

The 3 significant part of Passive mode:

  • Return URL: return URL captures the payment status from Razer Merchant Services, and gets returned once merchants acknowledge the status with IPN (Instant Payment Status)
  • Callback URL: callback URL is used on defer status update, such as Razer Merchant Services cash payment, where Razer Merchant Services will “Call Back” to merchant system is initiated once buyer has made payment.
  • Notification URL: notification URL sends a notification to merchant server, instead of the frontend system or app, which is vital for mobile payment.

Merchants are recommended to implement IPN (or ACK on the notification), which allows Razer Merchant Services to track merchant’s notification.

Active Mode (Status Inquiry API)

Active Mode

For merchant initiated payment status query, you would need to use one or the combination of the following:

  • Direct: Get the latest status from banks or channels
  • Transaction ID: Get the latest status by transaction ID from Razer Merchant Services
  • Order ID and get latest result: Get the latest result by Order ID.
  • Order ID and get all result: Get multiple result by Order ID.
  • Multiple order ID: Batch query based on different Order ID.
  • Multiple transaction ID: Batch query based on different transaction ID.
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