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Maximizing the revenue and taking business to the next level is what every merchant dreams of. In this rising e-commerce age, reliable online payment processing services are vital for any growing business.

At Razer Merchant Services, the payment options that we provide are suitable for small and large businesses. Each one is designed to cater the variety of needs in payment’s nature.

1. Credit card and online banking processing

Credit card and online banking processing

Online banking is commonly regarded as the lifeblood of online business. These types of payments are the most significant thing in running an online business. Thus, not having these in your online business is unacceptable in the 21st century.

You might be thinking that implementing cash-on-delivery method for your business can win more offline customers but can you bear the insufficiency and inconvenience? Keep in mind, sometimes you cannot even make your customer think twice before buying your products.

Razer Merchant Services also processes credit card and online banking payment on your behalf. Your company can have cross-border online supports from multiple international payment options across Southeast Asia such as Mastercard, Visa, Alipay, and more.

Keep in mind that this range of channels will allow you to connect with potential customers across Southeast Asia.

2. Secure 1-Click Payment

Secure 1-Click Payment

More than often, what chases customers away from a website is the security issue. Security issues have been the bane of online payment existence ever since it was introduced. It has been known as one of the main reasons customers abandoning their carts right before checking out.

With Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment, your customer’s card details are tokenized, in which their card details are replaced with tokens. The tokens cannot be read by anyone and secured in a vault for future transactions if the customer is a frequent buyer on your website.

In short, your customers do not have to re-enter their 16-digit card numbers for future payment on the website. They will encounter less payment failure as it is able to direct the payment securely to merchants and service provider.

To add more to your customer’s assurance, our Secure 1-Click Payment and token vault are highly secured with the high level security that is complied with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Meanwhile, our user-friendly UI/UX will let your customers to fill in the required details with ease.

Your customers will be more than happy to revisit your website and make another purchase because they know they will have an easy and secure checkout session.

3. Razer Merchant Services Recurring Payment

Razer Merchant Services Recurring Payment

One of the most important things that determine your business growth is the smoothness of the cash flow. The stability of your financial system helps you to manage your company efficiently and thrive your business further. It sounds like a simple thing but a good cash flow not only enhance your company potential but also your company forecast.

However, if your company offers subscription features such as monthly payments and monthly payment, late payment can be a barrier to your growth. It will certainly affect your company cash flow. With Razer Merchant Services Recurring Payment, that issue can be avoided completely.

Razer Merchant Services Recurring Payment is a feature that charges your customer’s card on behalf of you when the charging period is up. Both you and your customers will be informed if the attempt is successful or not.

This feature can promote customer’s loyalty due to the fact that they might not remember to pay their bill and we all know how annoying it is to be reminded each time.

Using Razer Merchant Services Recurring Payment will result your company to experience late payment-free and consistent cash flow.

4. Razer CASH

Razer CASH

Famous for its cash-preferred customers, Southeast Asia region undoubtedly can be a harsh environment for online business. Although a Statista’s survey proved that credit card is the leading payment method in Southeast Asia, cash is still the most convenient way to almost 60% Malaysians.

Fret not, you can still connect with cash-preferred customers even without the online payment options by Razer CASH feature. How this works is, customer will shop for your product online and at the checkout session, they will receive a receipt.

The receipt can be brought to the nearest 7-Eleven outlet and customer can pay it there with cash while the shipping procedure will remain similar with other online purchases.

The idea behind this channel is for everyone to shop online even for those without a payment card or a bank account. .

For merchant's prospect, you can broaden your customer base to reach even beyond online shoppers, that will most likely consist of a cute 7-years old kid to a 70-years old grandma.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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