Get Your Online Shop Busy on the Festive Season

Get Your Online Shop Busy On The Festive Season

When the festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Eid, and Deepavali are coming in Malaysia, all business owners regardless online or offline stores will give extra offers, shocking discounts till half-price, free gifts and others.

Competing with all these stores are definitely hard unless you have something bigger to offer. But how? Here are some of the tricks:

1. Operate your shop 24-hours

Most online stores operate 24-hours but of course it does not really work for urgent shopping which are 1-3 days before the festival unless if you have your own dedicated courier service which provides the same-day delivery.

When you are able to operate for 24 hours per day, customers will feel easy to contact you or do the transaction with your online store without any limitations.

Not everyone works in the morning shift or night shift, thus to cater all customers will need you to operate all day.

On the other hand, getting people to browse on your online store is always easy nowadays since everyone nowadays has been into online communication and an increase to 2.87 billion users is expected in 2020.


2. Sell your limited edition / festive edition stuffs

Most importantly, as an owner of the online store, you should be creative in order to remain strong in the industry.

The time of festive season is the time to sell and offer your limited edition stuffs to the customers.

Everyone wants to look their best in the festive season and at the same time, some of them want to avoid looking so typical and do not want to share their looks with others thus offering something special to the customers will automatically attract them if they are pleased with what you are offering.


3. Provide smooth payment process

To be more powerful in the online shop during the festive season, you have to be considerate to your customers in providing smooth payment process.  The best online shop provides the best payment process for customers.

Razer Merchant Services now has clients from popular online and offline shops such as Starbucks, Lazada, Grab and others. All these online players put trust on Razer Merchant Services as their payment gateway. The process that Razer Merchant Services takes to clear the transaction from the customer is not too long.


4. Enable cash payment

Even you are doing online shop services, you have to bear in mind that not all your customers have their personal bank accounts. Some of them are unbanked people who have the desire to shop online.

Razer Merchant Services is a payment gateway that provides cash payment method where payment in cash is able to be done at selected 7-Eleven and Petronas. People who feel lack of security in the online system especially during the busy season can already buy anything online with Razer CASH and celebrate their festival with no regret.

As an owner of the online shop, it is important to be more aggressive when the festive season comes since the competition is high likely to be unbeatable. In fact, the competition does not involve only you and other online stores, it also involves shopping malls and other offline shops.

Digital device is your strength, thus understanding the trend during the festive season would be really helpful to your business if you use it wisely.

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