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Order food on your mobile

You can now order your food before you arrive at the restaurant

We’ve all been there: running late to our restaurant reservations and then starving while waiting for our food to be served. For really good food, preparation takes 10-20 minutes of precious time. That’s time you could’ve spared if ordering ahead is possible. Now you can with MeCanOrder and Secret Recipe’s special mobile app, you can order your food while you’re on the road and arrive at the resto with your meal ready.

Here’s another thing great about it—you don’t need to pull out your wallet or your credit card. With Razer Merchant Services, you can charge it to your account so you’re never left short on cash.

MeCanOrder App

Get these apps now!

  • MeCanOrder and Secret Recipe is revolutionary in its desire to eliminate waiting time. You can order your food and then get it hot and fresh without the hassle.
  • Your smartphone becomes even handier—you can order through the MeCanOrder or Secret Recipe app and then hook your account to Razer Merchant Services for seamless payments.
  • That’s another thing: no fussing over the bill. Especially if you want to impress clients, your family or your date, they can’t refuse your meal treat if you announce you’ve already paid with Razer Merchant Services. Be the man or woman of the moment.
  • If it takes you time to choose your food, you can browse the restaurant’s menu online while inside the car, headed to the food outlet. Everything becomes easier!
  • When you order online, the app sends the resto the clear information of your order. There’s less chances of miscommunication—and they won’t have to deal with an angry customer. Razer Merchant Services makes sure you’re charged the right amount so you never have to worry about being overbilled.

Food apps like MeCanOrder and Secret Recipe can make your life so much easier and with Razer Merchant Services, purchasing is stress-free.

*MeCanOrder currently only available at Nam Heong and iMiiRage in Ipoh.

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