Enhance Your In-App Payment Efficiency With Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK

Enhance Your In-App Payment Efficiency With Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK

Most of you have spent years to develop an app but are you bothered by 60%-90% uninstallations? Shift your focus to analytics now and find out why this happened. If you are alarmed by high bounce rate in your in-app payment page, that is most likely why in-app sales were hard for you to acquire.

What you can do now is to remove the part that makes your app feel ill-equipped and re-create it with Mobile XDK which observes these features:

  • Flexible UI/UX
  • Unlimited payment option
  • Deliver clear value to your app

According to a report by Flurry, 90% of the time on mobile is spent on apps and this is a massive opportunity that you shouldn’t turn down. However, be surprised that over 26% of installed apps are ignored after first use or never used even once. It can be only two reasons; it is either the value is unknown or it goes below expectation.

Let’s recall about Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK

Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK is a mobile cross-payment platform kit that can make your app distinctable by in-app payment experience. It integrates with major mobile development tools which help you to overcome the challenges of cross-platform app development. The integration process will get you done in less than 5 steps!

What changes should you expect?

1. Flexible and consistent UI/UX

Flexible and consistent UI/UX

Some in-app payment frameworks give you a fixed page theme that you can’t change. But, our Mobile XDK can get the UI customizable to fit your mobile theme, and most importantly the colour theme. Making the payment page matched with the rest of the pages is important, so that your app won’t look out of place and will help customers to proceed payment with more certainty.

Our payment page will give your customers the optimized mobile experience that can give a peace of mind. You won’t face any issue of unorganized bank icons, details that go out of screen or fussy details requirement. As a result, customers can experience the best and consistent UI/UX on mobile no matter which mobile platform they use.

2. Unlimited payment channels

Unlimited payment channels

Our Mobile XDK comes equipped with payment methods that your customers can’t live without. From online banking, credit/debit card, cash (Razer Cash @ 7-Eleven) to e-wallet, you can just imagine each fan of these channels coming through, compared to a single channel. It is no surprise if the bounce rate drops dramatically in the next few days.

As we also partner with Alipay, your app is not limited to accepting payment for only Malaysia market. Malaysia has been famous for its high number of Chinese tourists arrival yearly, but when a study showed that 90% are keen to use e-wallet given the option, we can’t turn a blind eye. The more payment channels you have, the more you reach.

3. Deliver clear value to your app

Deliver clear value to your app

We do not design Mobile XDK with short-lived vision, so in case if you see a lot of good features coming in, that is a good news for you. We have been enhancing our Mobile XDK so that your app will carry a value that your customers cannot find elsewhere yet.

This includes localization feature that enables your customers to understand the payment page with their preferred languages, for examples:

  •  English (Default)
  • Bahasa or Malay, MS
  • Chinese Simplified, ZH
  • Indonesian, ID
  • Thai, TH
  • Filipino, FIL
  • Vietnamese, VI
  • Burmese for Myanmar, MY
  • Khmer for Cambodia, KM

Once your customers find that you are delivering a clear value and show how much they meant to you, there will be lesser pain that you are feeling later.


To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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