E-Commerce Tips: Reasons of Failure and Tips to Recover

E-Commerce Tips: Reasons of Failure and Tips to Recover

All businesses have ups and downs in the industry. How to manage and sustain in the industry is really difficult. You might have many competitors and perhaps, you are one of their biggest contenders. Therefore, you should know many things when doing the business. If you choose the wrong path, you might close your business. In reality, 95% of e-commerce companies are failed.

Why? And how to sustain? Here are the answers.

95% of E-commerce companies Failed

As stated previously, 95% of e-commerce companies were a failure. They thought that e-commerce sector is easy to handle. The truth is it is hard to manage. Some of the e-commerce can be very easy to set up. In fact, in can be done in a few hours.

However, it is really hard and complicated to manage the e-commerce business, no matter how easy it looks from the surface. Other than that factor, here are some other reasons that lead e-commerce companies to fail:

1. Low Web Traffic

The biggest reason why e-commerce failed in the industry because of its low web traffic. It is very critical if your website does not have a good traffic. You just waste your time even if you have a good websites; great websites but no one is looking at your websites and most importantly, no one is buying from you.

Your SEO may not be strong enough. This is very important for you to boost your business. Even if you are the giant developer in the e-commerce, by not having a good traffic, you might lose your market share.

2. No patience

Every business takes time to achieve their goals. Same goes to the e-commerce business, there is no shortcut. E-commerce business takes time to grow. It is impossible for the entrepreneurs to get profits in the beginning of their business. It takes several month if you are lucky.

However, some of these entrepreneurs do not have a good patience to wait for their business to grow smoothly. They expect to gain profits as soon as they set up the business. However, it is impossible!

3. Unattractive websites

It is also not possible if you do not have an attractive website even though you are named among the giant companies. It gives impacts towards your customers who search for your websites. Some of the companies do not have an eye-catching website that can attract more customers to browse the site.

People tend to leave the website if the websites are too boring for them to stay longer and tell themselves “it’s just a waste of time scrolling their websites, nothing in here,” then they leave.

4. Poor in product focus

The majority of e-commerce business will offer so much products they have. They think, they will get more customers and get more profits. The more you sell, the more you get.

It is fine if you want to sell many products, but it will be good if you are able to focus only one type of products. In short, we called it a niche market. It will help you a lot.

4 Steps for e-commerce companies need to check

1. Plan

Plan your e-commerce business such as strategies, target audience and how to develop.

2. Build

It is not only building a good websites, but you have to have a multichannel website to attract more customers.

3. Launch

Use your marketing strategy to launch your companies – marketing tools.

4. Measure

After all, take some times to understand how to improve. Continue to test the market.

7 keys on how to make your e-commerce bombastic

1. 100% focus on the user

100% focus on the user

Basically, users tend to experience the products or services before making a decision. As e-commerce companies, you should treat your customers right.

In case, there is any problem, you can compensate them by giving them free shipping. You need to give 100% of your focus to your users.

2. Don’t be too rush for launch

Don’t be too rush for launch

As entrepreneurs, don’t rush to launch your websites. For your information, you only have one shot at launching your websites to people.

So, don’t mess it up. It is fine if it takes time, as long as your website is good. You need to make sure your websites are on top of the search engine result by taking in the content marketing, social media, paid advertising and other strategies. These are all important for the future of your business.

3. Test your business

Test your business

Before, during and after you launch your e-commerce business, you should test your e-commerce business. You should provide the best business to the customers and think what the customers might think and ask. A/B testing tools helps e-commerce business a lot.

4. Good in social media

Good in social media
Social media is like the heartbeat for any business. Social media makes you connect and becomes more close with your customers.

Social media helps a lot in boosting your business. In fact, people nowadays are into with the social media.

5. SEO – stay on top

SEO – stay on top

Every business has its competitors. How to sustain in the industry is the question. As a palyer in the e-commerce sector, you have to play with SEO. If your websites have a good SEO score, you will be on the top of the whole World Wide Web.

However, always be aware of your competitors. In no time, they will try to be on the top and beat you, probably with search engine marketing (SEM).

6. Gather information

Gather information
To be the best e-commerce company, you should gather the information that you have. Seek for new information from your customers.

You should do it even after you launch your business to people. It’s important because you will get to know your customers’ demands.

7. Keep moving

Keep moving

Finally, you are not allowed to stop your movement. You must know the customers demand changes due to the technology advancement. You have to keep moving in order to be the best and top in e-commerce industry.

Ways to promote your E-commerce

  • Design attractive Websites – tips & how
  • Employ retargeting tracker
  • Introduce social customer services
  • Give value-added services Conclusion

To conclude, as an e-commerce company holder, you should be more aware with the surrounding and alert with your customers. This is because your customer is your priority. In addition, as a newbie in the e-commerce business, take the failure as your lessons and take the tips as your guide.

For the senior in the e-commerce business, keep moving and be consistent with what you offer.

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