Top 15 Simple Ecommerce Hacks to Win Malaysian Customers in 2015

Top 15 Simple Steps to win Malaysian customers in 2015

Every year in ecommerce, you are faced with new challenges, with more challenges waiting in the year 2015. Online businesses in Malaysia are constantly challenged to rethink some of the strategies in the ever-increasing competition in this space.

You may find other solutions from other websites with a significantly more effort and time. Here, I will show you the Top 15 Simple Steps to win Malaysian customers in 2015. By sparing a few minutes daily, you will be able to establish your competitive edge against your competitors.

1. Gain Trust by Placing Visa or MasterCard Logo on Your Site

Remember the last time you left a site because you don’t feel that it’s legit? Gaining customer trust is a hassle; you need expensive branding and marketing strategy... BUT You could however add logos of Visa, MasterCard or other credible payment option. HOW? It’s dead simple.

1. Google [your payment partners] + “logo”

Google it

2. Now, get the HTML codes

Get the HTML codes

3. And simply “CTRL+V” it!

And simply “CTRL+V” the code!

Voilà! You are officially done within minutes.

2. Get Your Shipping Right

Free Shipping, Free Shipping, Free Shipping... It’s all about the Free Shipping. Malaysian customers do not want to waste any more money on their purchase. On top of that, they want their products to come quickly and on time. So how do you this?

Calculate the average price of your products

Calculate average price

Then, let’s calculate your Shipping Price against the Average Price

Calculate average shipping price

The rule of thumb is: If your shipping cost don’t exceed 20% of your average price, then you are good to give Free Shipping to your Customers! I simply took 2 minutes to calculate this, and now I can attract more customers with a better customer experience.

3. Use Social Media as Your Advantage

The thing about social media is that they both are inexpensive and efficient. If your ecommerce business is not integrated with the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, you should consider spending a couple of minutes to create them.

Let me show you an example from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeet tweet

By sparing a few minutes to their customers, they are able to amass more than 500,000 followers. If they can do this, why can’t you?

4. Say “Thank You” to Your Customers

It is hard to be unique, especially with the current situation of the market. But I will show you how by simply giving thanks, you can keep your business unique.

Twitter is the key! Twitter puts spotlight to your customers. Even a small Thank you through a tweet is important, especially in keeping your business unique and personal.

Say “Thank You” to Your Customers

On top of that you could also show how much they mean to you by leaving a personal and sincere tweet. By sparing a few minutes of your time on twitter, it will show how your business offers a personal approach, creating a unique experience for them.

5. Sell More on Customers’ Important Dates

It’s rather true for anyone to spend more on dates that they consider important. Why? Customers spend more when we are happy or excited. Anyone will consider Birthdays, Graduations, even Anniversary to be an important part of their journey in life. Start out by using the birthdays on your emailing list.

Now you just need to follow up with your targeted promotional email. Note: “if you don’t have all their contacts, you can easily get them by using a simple campaign”.

Birthday promotions

Don’t forget to include your promotion to the Birthday Girl!

Birthday email

By one simple email, you can collect your customers’ data. This single step will improve your customer knowledge, a massive step ahead with such a small effort. OR Mark your calendars and participate in local annual events, such as #MYCyberSale in Malaysia.

MyCyberSALE traffic

You can add your brand awareness and revenue. You can simply Google it.. Google: “Malaysia ecommerce events in 2015”

6. Tap on Your Customer’s Feeling

Many people have emotional attachment to products they buy, not necessarily to the facts you posted on your site. One of the simplest ways to connect to the emotions of your customer is to include real people in your web.

Take a look at the image below. It portrays a strong element of positive emotions. So, how can this image help your ecommerce site?

This image in particular helps customers to feel safe and loose, which is perfect for potential customers who want to find a life partner... You can find a perfect image from Google... you won’t take more than 10 minutes to find the image that is perfect for your ecommerce business...

7. Learn the Ways of Your Competitors

You can struggle with competitive analysis, or you can simply use Google Alerts and to know what your competitor is up to...
Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you will be updated upon the latest news about your competitor..let’s imagine that we are competing with Apple. By simply subscribing to Google alerts, you will know the details of your competitors in the minute.

Google Alerts

You use the link above to go to socialmention… It will only took less than a minute to do this (plus no registration needed). In addition, you could also see their top keywords and top users, located on the right side of the site.

Social Mention

Using the information provided, you could download their top keywords and decide to compete with them with the keywords or find another keywords that would fit better to your business.

8. Find Positive Testimonials about Your Product

A testimonial creates a comfortable feeling about your product. It becomes a representation on how you made someone else’s life better. You don’t need to overthink in order to get the right testimonial about your product or business.

What you need to do:

  1. List down your three most frequent customers
  2. Communicate to them via email or phone
  3. Ask them why they kept coming back to you

The common perception is to get the well-known clients to make a testimonial for you, but the most important factor is the story. A story should be personal and sincere, which is key to touch the emotional factor. Most of us can differentiate between a suck-up story and a sincere story. It will not take more than 10 minutes to do all of the above...

This is one way to represent your customers’ testimonial
Customer's testimonial

9. Sell through Your Related Products

What differentiates a good and a great marketer is the way they explore new ideas. A great marketer constantly finds a new opportunity to sell their product.

Selling your products through your related products creates a new space that was not previously explored.

One way to understand this trick is... Why would anyone buy popcorn during a movie? Even though the main line of business is the movie, popcorn becomes a complement item. You can identify your related products through

Here I tried to get a level-3 keyword “bicycle” What do we do with the keywords? If you are selling a bicycle online, you can connect to websites that sell bicycle magazines, or associate your business to a bicycle club. These keywords are important to connect your business to other 3rd party agency or organization, which will benefit you from cross selling or upselling.

With a single click, I got enough keyword to fill the entire keyword for my research...

10. Set Child-Like Loyalty System

Customers nowadays do not want any complication; they want easy-peasy Loyalty System that works for them. To do this, we should think like a 10-year old. It could be as simple as getting a 50% discount by referring your product to his/her friend.

So, how do you easily do this? You could actually use the existing Loyalty Program or create your own program.

Implementing an existing Loyalty Program will allow you to save time, cut cost, and retain the discovery time. OR You can simply have 100 points for every dollar spent, and 1000 points redeemed as $1.

You can use this method for virtually every business you are on. It’s simple, easy to use, and you can virtually implement this within a few minutes.

11. No Service, No Honey

Too many of business owners undermine the importance of service. One of the reasons is that there is no simple way to tackle the issue of customer service. But, I am going to give you some simple steps in order to enhance your customer service.

Number 1: Be Available
It is important to make yourself available. It’s as easy as placing your contact information, either by email or phone number in your web. This will only take you a couple of minutes to set up...
Be available

Number 2: Simply, Be Polite
The rule is simple, be polite to your customers. You, for the most part, will be responsible for your brand image. By simply choosing a decision to be polite, you will be presenting your brand in a friendly and professional way.

Number 3: Don’t Repeat
It’s really frustrating for customers to repeat their issue. Do not ask them what their issue is for the second time. Work around between your customer service and technical team and connect them with free messaging service, such as Whatsapp or Skype.

Registering to Whatsapp or Skype will cost you three minutes per person.
Sign up skype

Now, it’s going to be easy to communicate between departments...

12. Use Marketplace at Your Advantage

Find a list of your local marketplace. Register to sell your products in their platform. It’s a simple and efficient way to market your products!

Let’s say you want to use amazon... It would take you an average of 5 minutes to register and start selling your products...

Selling on Amazon

OR You could even sell your service...

Sell your Service

Selling through a marketplace is a simple and efficient way to market your products beyond your current market...

13. Generate Customer Preferences from Your Data

Generating customer preferences may take a lot of time and effort. But, I will share with you a couple of tricks through Google Analytics to understand what your customer wants. You may need a few minutes every day to check on these metrics.

Note: You may want to register here (And click on Create an account on the top right)
Sign up for Google Analytic

Google Analytics report

Now, let’s set up your ecommerce tracking account

  1. Go to your Google Analytics standard reports
  2. Click on the “Admin” button in the top right
  3. Click on “Profile Settings”
  4. Go to “Ecommerce Settings” and change the drop down to “Yes, an Ecommerce Site”
  5. Click the “Apply” button at the bottom.

Now, you are ready to know which of your products are preferred by which set of customers (Your data will be filled within hours, so ideally you should check this tomorrow). By spending a few minutes daily, you will ultimately collect enough data to know what your customer really wants.

14. Find What Your Potential Customers Are Looking For

How do you easily do this?
Google Analytics is the way to go...

  1. Go to your Google Analytics standard reports
  2. Click on the “Admin” button in the top right
  3. Click on “Profile Settings”
  4. Go to the bottom where you’ll find “Site Search Settings”
  5. Select “Do Track site Search”

This is what you will see once you get it going..

Google Analytics search

Now, you can easily see what keywords are coming to your website. You can now target customers that use these keywords to go to your website and convert them. It’s really simple to set this up and you get a lot of benefits from it...

15. Say Yes to Mobile!

There are two main reasons why you should choose to go mobile...

  1. The shift to mobile is coming fast...
  2. Now, you know your customer’s preferences... You can nicely adjust your mobile site to fit your customer needs.

This is website allows you to create your own mobile site in minutes... “Easy sign up phase + 30 Day Trial!” You can Install your tag and tools + choose your content for under 10 minutes!

Don’t forget to use Razer Merchant Services’s simple Mobile SDK to make payments from iOS and Android.
Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare Your Details (Take it from Razer Merchant Services’s server)
  2. iOS/Android Library
  3. If you have any troubles, contact here. (It took me less than 1 hour to get a response)

Now, your mobile view is ready to accept payments too...

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