E-commerce: The Challenges and How to Overcome

E-commerce: The Challenges and How to Overcome

E-commerce industry has becoming a major shift of strategies and development over the past few years that involve many consumer base hence ease the shopping online process.

As we establish and grow an e-commerce business, we will face a few challenges that need our creativity and business plan. If you take a look at the current trends and learn from previous mistake, you can overcome and be more prepared in order to face it.

Doing a research before starting the e-commerce business can lead you to better understanding of the challenge that you might face in the future. Merchants also can learn more on how to overcome the problem hence increase the chance of success.

Here are some of the challenges that you need to know:

Limited method of payment

1. Limited method of payment

When doing an e-commerce business, method of payment will be the most concerned matter that the customers will take a look at.

In order to overcome the challenge in providing the methods of payment, merchants need to open all types of payment which can attract more customers to purchase on the website.

Integrating numbers of options can lead to better and free cash flow such as e-wallets. You can also choose a payment gateway provider to smooth their transaction process between merchants and customers. Make sure that you’re providing the payment method that consist of PCI-compliant to have a secure payment processor.


Lack of site’s visitor

2. Lack of site’s visitor

This is the possibility to a newcomer when your site is not well-known by other consumers or your sites is hard to find. Both problems can be solved by merchants by using the SEO, which is also known as Search Engine Optimisation. You must have a good content marketing in order to attract more customers to visit your websites.

Paid advertisement and social media also can be one of the ways to overcome lack of site’s visitor at your websites. By utilizing both method, you can get more people to come to your sites.



3. Security

One of the challenges for e-commerce site is to ensure the security of your sites. It is really hard to make the e-commerce sites totally secure to the consumers.

Since e-commerce involves the usage of internet worldwide, the stealing of credit cards and personal details frauds are one of the matters that make customers feel concerned.

Merchants can make a research and take a look at the ways on how to protect the website. Creating a website that has a secure platform, a powerful secure data storage and implementing SSL connections to a website can save merchants from a lot of troubles in the future.


Conversion rate is low

4. Conversion rate is low

Low conversion rates can happen because of the low number of visitors or purchasing activities at your websites.

It is really frustrating for merchants when they have put tons of efforts in their business but still unable to project higher sales. Making money from an e-commerce business is not an easy things to do.

Merchants need to understand why the customers are leaving when their sites were found hence people come to see around but there’s no purchases recorded.

By improving the conversion rates, merchants can overcome some of the problems or challenges they might face in the future.

Above all, there are many ways to overcome the challenges faced by merchants in e-commerce site:

  • Create seamless experience
  • Implementing SSL security and choose a safe e-commerce platform
  • Set up a security alerts on your sites.
  • Integrate a trusted and secure payment gateway provider.
  • Using analytics report to improve your conversion rates


E-commerce become more multiplex everyday. It is easy to lose in all the advantages in a split second. Keep developing the flexible technology for your transactions, security and analytics will keep merchants maintain the competitiveness.

With an efficient strategy, you can scale your business easily and make you more prepared for the future challenges. Understanding the challenges in e-commerce industry will position your e-commerce site ahead.

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