Do I Need an Online Payment Gateway?

Do I Need An Online Payment Gateway?

So, you just started an online business. For the past couple of months, perhaps even years, you've been accepting payments manually by giving customer your bank account details, they pay via online transfer or deposit their payment at the CDM machines and they have to send you the receipt once they make the payment and the process goes on. At times, you must have thought about payment gateway.

Imagine the time spent that you can use to do other things like marketing your business, sourcing for more products and so on.

In setting up payments for your store, the first step is in deciding which company (known as a payment gateway provider) you want to use that enable you to accept payments online through credit cards, internet banking, even better if you able to accept cash for online purchases apart from cash-on-delivery(COD).

As you explore the world of online payment gateway, make sure you choose based on the following benefits:

Services meet your business requirements
Ability to process secure transactions
Hassle-free and easy integration
Instant notifications on payment status
Reduces abandoned cart rates
User-friendly and faster payment process
Support offline payment option
Extending your market share
Easy access wherever you go
Fairly priced

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