Cash is Not Dead, and Here’s Why

CASH Is Not Dead

Lets face it; Technology plays an important role in defining our daily life.
A majority of us carry at least one of the following things daily:

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet

We are currently in an era where constant change is cherished, while sticking to your basic makes you feel shabby and uncool. I may sound undermining and unappreciative to technology, but in fact I love how technology always make our life simpler each day. (Even though I find myself moving further away from the traditional side of me).

We have transformed a long way from bartering, the first ever method of transaction. Then gold, silver, and other gems come as part of a transaction. Next, cash is introduced to the market. Now, as we are striving with plastic cards, digital money comes into the picture.

However, I believe we should embrace how cash is still considered one of the most trusted and preferred method of payments. In fact, to date, 40% of Malaysians still consider cash as their first choice to pay.

We, Razer Merchant Services, want to embrace this change while keeping the traditional “cash” payment alive by bringing the latest online payment options, Razer CASH.

People have their own reasons on why they choose to pay with cash. If I were to make an assumption, I personally think we are more comfortable in exchange of tangible goods (where ‘we’ represent both customer and merchant).

However, many people prefer cash because of its convenience. I could imagine myself as a customer who wants to do a mobile online shopping , but wants to use cash as my method of payment. (Also I could make payments even if my credit card was maxed out)

Pay at 7-Eleven & Petronas
In the case of Razer CASH, you will allow your customers to pay throughout the 7-Eleven and Petronas stores in Malaysia.

Can you imagine how convenient that is for your customers? It’s going to be awesome because 7-Eleven stores and Petronas stations can be found easily and pay for their online purchase there..

Last but not the least, cash is not dead because it provides a solution for the unbanked citizens to pay upon their online orders by cash. After all, who is going to provide the access for their online shopping if not us?

Its time to take this opportunity and provide a solution for customers without any debit or credit card, while trying to embrace the spirit of the traditional cash payment.

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