Buy Less or More, Don’t Let Your Customers do a ‘Pointless’ Shopping

Buy Less or More, Don't Let Your Customers do a 'Pointless' Shopping

Everyone nowadays has been so enthusiastic about shopping, regardless online or offline. When they see any discounts, redeemability or something similar to that, it will trigger their feelings deeper to shop. There will be no more ‘pointless’ shopping in their dictionary.

With these reasons, Razer Merchant Services has partnered with B-Infinite to enable merchants to accept points collection from the customers.

B-Infinite is a brand-focused reward program. It allows members to redeem and collect points at participating outlets or online shops that are using Razer Merchant Services’s payment service.

Benefits of B-Infinite

1. Free loyalty cards and points collection

Reward Program

The membership is free for life. Once your customer has registered to B-Infinite, they will enjoy free loyalty cards and points collection from B-Infinite. They do not need to pay any fees or pay extra money to get the cards. For further details, read here.

2. Retain loyal customers

Loyal Customer

Once you subscribe to B-Infinite, you will retain your loyal customers especially those who look for collecting more points.

Many customers are anticipating to redeem their points because it gives the feeling of getting a cash-back from the previous shopping. Thus, customers nowadays feel welcomed when the redemption and purchasing are able to be done with a single loyalty card.

3. Collect points from any Razer Merchant Services merchants

Razer Merchant Services merchants

To retain your customers, you need to provide the services that are compelling to them. With Razer Merchant Services, merchants can just turn on the points collection feature to enable the customers to collect the points from their shopping.

Besides, here are other benefits by having B-Infinite with Razer Merchant Services. B-Infinite provides hassle-free integration without extra cost, up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, associate with international and award winning brands, and subsidize customers’ earned points.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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