Boost Payment Convenience with Razer Cash

If someone were to ask me: “Why do you keep coming to your old barbershop?” I would simply say, “That’s where I always go”. It just feels right to get your haircut with someone you trust and someone who understands what you want.

Whoever and wherever you are, you always have a place that you can count on. So, what’s so special about that place ? For most of us, it is the convenience. In the land of customers, convenience is king. As Jeff Bezos, CEO of, once said, “Satisfaction doesn’t seem to go quite far enough, because Satisfaction implies a middle-of-the-scale response.” Bezos wants the customer to be wowed.

In order to achieve the state of “wowed”, Razer Merchant Services developed Razer Cash. An approach designed for online buyers who wish not use debit/credit card or Internet banking, but cash as a payment method. As the first gateway to receive physical cash payment, we are creating a new mean to fulfill your customer’s demand. This approach fits the nature of the market, which still put weight on the traditional way of settlement. By allowing cash payment, you are expanding customer’s payment choice, thus his/her convenience.

So, why do we need to emphasize on convenience? The simple answer is: “Convenience develops loyal customers and in return loyal customers bring sales to the business.” Payment preferences shouldn’t be a barrier for transactions, but a chance to improve convenience for our customers.

Razer Cash works similarly like a regular transaction. However, customers will receive Transaction ID and Verification Code to be brought to the nearest 7-Eleven outlets to make payments. Once completed, our automated system will send you an instant payment status.

More Convenience brings More Sales

By accepting cash payments, you can reach out to customers without credit card or Internet bank account 24/7 through wide range of 7-Eleven stores.

In addition, there are more than 3,000 physical points in Malaysia and Singapore making sure your customers get flawless transaction services. With 60% of Malaysians preferring Cash Payments, its time to reach out to receive cash payments!

Boost Payment Convenience with Razer CASH

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