Getting a sudden rush to travel? Book your next trip on Traveloka and pay with Razer Cash!

Razer Merchant Services x Traveloka

When the rush to travel kicks in, nothing can stop you from getting your feet to your dream destination. However, the idea of a complicated booking process can easily discourage you from making that trip, no matter how tempting that may be.

With Traveloka app, the steps between booking a trip to arriving at your dream destination is as easy as search-book-go!

With more than 18,000 flight routes and thousands of hotels in Asia Pacific for you to choose from, the App also offers app-exclusive deals to make sure your trip is everything you want - while also remaining within budget.

The App is perfect for travelers - because it’s as on-the-go as you are! Ready to discover a better way to booking for your next trip? Read on.


Perks of using Traveloka App:

1. User-friendly and convenient

Taking the long, complicated path to plan your holiday doesn’t sound right to start off your journey, especially if it’s supposed to be spontaneous. After all, who wants to delay a trip any further?

Through a user-friendly interface designed with the traveler in mind, all you need to do is explore the app at your own comfort and book your dream vacation on-the-spot! From searching to booking and paying, the steps are fuss-free, so you can spend more time on what matters - the actual trip!


2. Receive Price Alerts

Missing a deal can be really frustrating, especially if you’ve been waiting for the best one to come along. On Traveloka App, simply turn on Price Alerts, select your budget, and you’ll be instantly notified once the flight you want falls within your price range. No more opening multiple tabs at once just to get the cheapest price!


3. Irresistible discounts

If you’ve seen great deals on Traveloka website lately, you’ll be surprised to know the prices on app could be even cheaper. For example, the price for Adya Hotel Langkawi on Traveloka website is RM326.49. The price on Traveloka App? RM271.15. Not a bad deal!

Traveloka App - Irresistible discounts

Not only that, once you’ve downloaded Traveloka App on your gadget, you’ll never miss the chance to get great discounts for your future trips. Traveloka offers special prices for its app users - sometimes, up to 50% OFF flights and hotels, on top of the already amazing deals.


4. Book and Pay Anywhere

We’ve all been there - getting excited about a trip but feeling dismayed when the complicated booking and payment processes come around.

With countless payment options, from credit cards to online banking and cash payments offered through Razer Merchant Services, paying for your trip is now so simple. Just log in to the app, book your flight or hotel wherever you are and pay through your preferred channel.


Prefer to only pay by cash? Simply select Razer CASH on Traveloka App to pay directly at any 7-Eleven near you.
Ready for your next big trip? The first step is in your hands - download Traveloka App today! Visit here.

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