Basic Understanding of QR Code Payment

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QR Code is a quick response code and also known as a trademark for 2-dimensional barcode system which contains information. It is often considered similar to barcode, however it’s not the same even though the difference is not too obvious.

QR codes can store the information in vertical and horizontal direction while barcode only contains information from horizontal direction only. Nowadays, QR codes are being widely used in payment system. Perhaps, it's quite bizarre to hear at first, but this code is something which a business owner needs to be aware of since it has become an important tool in today’s business.

QR Code-based payments

It is still new yet the most advanced technologically contactless payment method. Customer needs to use a smartphone application for them to scan, store and share their code scans for purchases. It allows the payment process for business and individual to be easier.

Believe it or not, even an average person can use QR code, without any special equipment. They can just enter a physical store, find a QR code on an item then scan it using smartphone application and can access to all information stored in that barcode.

There are many businesses now offer this kind of payment method for example is Razer Merchant Services QRCode Payment. It is a new trend for online shopping payment which allows customers to purchase items by scanning QR codes through a mobile device.

How it works?

You have to download QR code reader app on your application store (Android or iOS). Use the application to scan the QR codes you see from a particular merchant. Now, that we have many e-wallet applications in the market,

Once you are ready to pay, use any payment method which supports to pay by using this kind of payment method.

Lastly, you will receive notification for provided e-mail address. Isn’t it undeniably fast and easy to use?

Advantages of the QR Code to Your Business

Razer Merchant Services QRCode Payment

There are many advantages of QR code compared to the barcode. The main advantage is that you can keep up a hundred times more information on a QR code. Besides that, QR codes can be scanned from any direction thus it is easier for your device to interpret the information stored. Furthermore, the code’s unique and interesting to be used by customers.

Anyone can download QR codes reader from their mobile phone application, and it is also free of charge. That means everyone can just come to your physical store and scan the QR code with their smartphone.

Besides that, there are many website which allow you to generate QR codes with no charge applied. Just browse in Google for “QR code generator”, you will get countless results and choose the best option for you.

Alternatively, the safest choice to accept QR code payment is getting the secure QR code scanner or POS terminal. People always thought that the setup process would be hard, but now Razer Merchant Services VT has the easy solution for you.

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