Are Customers Always Right? This is Probably Why You are Wondering

Are Customers Always Right? This is probably why you are wondering

Business and customers should have a very strong relationship. No customers means no demand to the products.

That is why many big companies around the world are trying their hardest to cater the customers’ demand. To them, customers are always right even though nothing in their side is at fault. But, are customers just making up their complaints? Or, are you not aware of these problems?


Insufficient Service

1. Insufficient Service

This situation can happen to every company, whether big or small company. Every company has a lot of workers, but they still have insufficient workers when it comes to peak hours. Peak hour is the busiest hour in a day, thus that is why some businesses cannot cater to their customers’ demands.

For an example, a restaurant would be so busy with many customers are entering and leaving in the peak hour such as during the lunch hour. Some of the workers are busy handling the order and the rest of them are busy fulfilling the orders. So, the table full of cutleries and dishes are neglected by the staffs. Because of this, many customers would feel mad and they would just find another restaurant to eat at.


Limited options

2. Limited options

Some businesses do have limited products and services offered to their customers. They cannot fulfill the customer’s demands and end up not feeling happy. Or maybe the business said that they have this product but when people come to buy the product, the products are running out of stock.

Other than that, customers cannot make variety of demands and they are forced to have the same options or else, they won’t get the item. They would not feel satisfied by the limited options and might start to complain about it to the upper management.

Same goes to the business which have limited payment options. The customers will feel like their happiness is taken away especially when they already put their favorite items into the cart and can’t pay for it because they don’t find the payment alternatives that they want to use.


Ineffective website

3. Ineffective website

People today love to do online shopping. Considering this, many companies have their own websites. But not all of them have an attractive and user-friendly websites. Some websites are not updated since a long time ago and it results to many discomforts for the customers who want to have some information.

Some websites are not really user-friendly. They are hard to be used and have a lot of steps to do before we can actually browse the website.

For example, some websites ask customers to sign up when they actually just stumble on the websites. They just want to take a look on what the website is all about, but it is too hassle for them as a first time visitor.



4. Inefficient

Some businesses do not handle their workers properly. They do not send their workers to any training programmes and it makes them untrained workers. They can easily make a mistake as they are not familiar with the work.

For an example, when customers ask for something else but they come out with something that customers did not request. If this incident only happened once or twice, maybe customers won’t make it a big fuss. But, customers will not let this matter go if the inefficient thing had happened for many times as they believe that they deserve their rights.


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