A Simple and Effective Solution to Boost Sales  

A Simple and Effective Solution to Boost Sales  

Recent studies show that globally, over 70% of e-commerce sales are lost due to the user abandoning the cart and 30% of all e-commerce sales are being lost due to online payment issues. That means that a business is losing in average 30% of the sales opportunities initiated on its site simply because of online payment issues.

A real solution to not only recovering these 30% loses but increase as well the trust of the clients in your business brand and potentially increase the sales, is to implement the Right payment gateway solution on your e-commerce website!

The Payment Gateway service — sales, security, and customer value

There is no better road to success in business than offering your clients more value than any of your competitors. If your payment gateway solution couldn't process the type of payment methods your customer possesses that is a lost sale for your business. Adding value to your clients starts with catering in all possible payment options that they may be looking for, ensuring the best user experience for your customers.

If your business is an e-commerce website, whether selling products or services, your clients' entire experience unfolds online. The online medium comes, in contrast with a 'brick&mortar' traditional experience, with its unique challenges and possible roadblocks. Generally, these roadblocks relate to technology. More often than not, the technology which is designed to act as an interface, empower, and speed-up a process, works contrary to the user's expectations. Often technology can be confusing, convoluted, obscure, and difficult to use. It can also act as a mean gatekeeper, blocking the whole category of users from accessing your products or services.

Implementing the Right payment solution for your e-commerce business gives your customers value by upgrading their experience, making it easier, faster, and overall a more enjoyable experience. It builds trust in your company through its security features. And, most importantly, you will regain almost half of your abandoned carts, without costly investments or complex implementations.

The right payment gateway solution will also protect your business from Fraud, due to integrated PCI-compliance & SSL certificates checks that help your business avoid security problem. Both your business and your clients need to feel secure and protected by preventing security breach of cards or personal data.

By using the right payment gateway, you also take an educated control of your business payment acceptance, hence raising the power to grow your business even further.

How to choose which is the right payment gateway solution for your business?

Your business goals drive the right solution. We have listed here the key criteria that can help you make a quality assessment of all payment gateway options so that you can choose the right one for your business:

1. Types of payment method supported

It’s important to look for one that allows you to accept all major credit/debit cards, online banking, digital wallets, and cash channel. Ideally, the number of supported payment methods is a proper criterion to use when comparing payment gateway providers.

2. The security provided

In connection to Security and Value. Offering a highly secured and trusted payment solution will show your clients you mean serious business. It will build trust. A good payment solution will also protect your business from fraud.

3. The costs involved

Choosing a payment gateway often means comparing the costs for your business involved in operating said software service.

4. Ease of integration

Always choose a payment gateway that easily integrates with the platform on which your e-commerce website uses

5. Additional features

Most payment gateway solutions often offer merchants additional benefits related to sales, user experience or financial analytics

6. Provider's reputation

Choose a payment gateway from a reputable provider, which has a history in the SaaS market, and the resources to keep developing and updating the platform. Besides, looking into their list of clienteles could provide you with a better visual on how well the e-commerce businesses are trusting this payment gateway.

Following the ideas above, we hope that you see by now how easy and beneficial it is to implement a payment gateway. It's a no brainer that, when done correctly, it will allow reaping otherwise intangible rewards with minimal investments.

If you have any inquiries or would like to know what services we had to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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