9 Simple Tips to Win Your Customer’s Heart with Online Payment

9 Simple Tips To Win Your Customer’s heart For Online Payment

“The customer is always right”, we often heard this phrase but is the customer always right? Sometimes they are not, but since customers are major source of income for a business, the business should focus on reaching them and fulfilling the demands and needs. Despite countless of demands, one of the highly demanded features by customers is online payment.

It's undeniable that online shopping has become a phenomenon in the whole world due to the revolution of technology. Thus, as a seller it is important to make it as simple as possible for your clients to shop on your e-commerce store by providing a comprehensive range of online payment methods.

Since payment process is the last stop for individuals who shop on your site, it is where they hand over their card details with their valuable money in order to complete their purchases. This step is highly crucial.

Remember it is 2017 now, and people are demanding for hassle-free methods. Supposedly payment process should be easy and fast. Same like how it feels to pass over your purchases at the counter and just pay for it.

Taking after, are 9 tips that will help you do this:

Provide varieties of Payment Methods

1. Provide varieties of Payment Methods

In order to win your customer’s heart, it is encouraged for you to provide the varieties of payment methods as much as possible. Not everyone prefers card, not everyone prefers cash. The simple thought like this will help you to take the lead among your competitors.

Especially when you want to grow your business globally, you have to consider about customers outside the country. Find a right partner for your payment processor.

At that point, you'll have the capacity to catch the larger segment of individuals visit your site.

For example, you can use Razer Merchant Services to provide a full-range of online payment options from credit card, debit card, online banking and even cash for online purchases.

Permit Payments without Requiring an Account

2. Permit Payments without Requiring an Account

Do we really need to have an account just to pay, why might anybody have to register just because to pay? It is quite troublesome especially for the first-time clients.

According to a study by Smashing Magazine, it is found that the ultimate reason clients refuse to set up an account is they don't want to be overflowed with unnecessary messages and notifications. To make life less demanding for potential clients and guarantee you get paid, avoid them from making an account for purchases.

Try not to Redirect People

3. Try not to Redirect People

It’s not easy getting people on your site, so why send them away to another site to pay? Since you have no power over the outline of the checkout page, clients will start to feel as though they are giving their cash to a business other than the one they are purchasing from.

Provide a seamless design for your site, so the process will be smooth without redirecting your customer to another page.


Make It Easy to Fix Errors

4. Make It Easy to Fix Errors

It's a common thing that individuals commit errors. Somebody might overlook the "@" in their email address. Regardless, your action as a seller here is to call attention for people to see their errors and fix it.

Some checkout pages show a mistake message at the highest point of the page, yet individuals don't understand they have to look over as far as possible up to discover what went wrong. In a perfect world, you need a mistake

message to show up in the field in which it happened. Another helpful tip for making it less demanding for individuals to pay is to keep the data they submit.

Request Essential Information Only

5. Request Essential Information Only

Like when you're registering for email, you need to restrict the measure of data and information you ask for. Only ask for necessary information such as name, date of birth and so on.

It is such a turnoff for your business is when you start to ask all those gibberish and unnecessary information such as “ What is your hobby?”. People won't get it why they have to fill and answer that kind of question.

Give Reassurances on Security and Privacy

6. Give Reassurance on Security and Privacy

At whatever point individual data is included, all you have to do is to ensure your customer’s datas and informations are protected in a secure manner.
An overview by eConsultancy found that 58% of respondents dropped out of the checkout page because of worries about payment security.

As pointed out before, conveying a predictable plan and not diverting individuals to an outsider checkout page are essential strides in building trust with potential clients.

However, you have to accomplish more to console people their information is protected from the hands of cybercriminals. Commonly, you'll need to have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) declaration for your site so as to give a safe association and encode Visa data.


Keep Distractions to a Minimum One

7. Keep Distractions to a Minimum One

Keep in your mind that your checkout page is the last phase of the business cycle. Also, in a time when individuals have the ability to focus, you don't need anything to occupy them from finishing the checkout procedure.

By that you should not you set up any ads or unnecessary posts. Your goal here is to see individuals through to make a payment.

State a clear call on what to do next!

8. State a clear call on what to do next!

Try not to leave individuals to think about what to do next! When somebody adds an item to their cart, make it perfectly clear that they can continue to checkout or shopping.

For prominent example is Amazon, you'll perceive how Amazon guides individuals through until they enter the checkout page from the shopping cart.

Show appreciation to your clients

9. Show appreciation to your clients

After the payment is completed, show them any appreciation image or text such as “Thank You. Hope to hear from you soon”. It is to show how special they are for you and how much you appreciate them. This kind of gesture actually helps to connect you with your customers.


While these tips are certain to help in reducing the number of cart abandonment and make it simpler for customers to pay, it would be great if you come out with diverse plans to find what works best!

Remember to make it as simple as you can from the first stage to the last stage of online purchases. Take after the tips said above and you'll boost up your sales, as well as giving people an amazing experience with your site.

Surely, they would return back to you and promote to their colleagues about how simple the shopping process is on your website.

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