8 Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

1. Provide Efficient Delivery Process

Fast Delivery
Time taken for a delivery process must be stated clearly on the website. Enable “track my parcel” tracker for all the customers that made their purchase. Later they do not have to feel anxious about the status of their parcel.

2. Multiple Ways To Do Payment

Multiple ways to pay
An e-Commerce can be a difficult business to run despite how efficient it is. Simple reason why shoppers do not complete a purchase is because payment typically must be done by using credit cards or internet banking. Not everyone has these facilities. Should be multiple options available to complete payment other than those two way perhaps cash via automated teller machine (ATM), Razer Merchant Services, Razer Cash (available at 7-Eleven), cash on delivery (COD) or cash deposit machine.

According to Razer Merchant Services, 60% of Malaysians prefer cash payment. Cross-border shoppers prefer convenience a key determinate of cross-border payment method preference. The more payment options you have, the more convenient it is for the customer, thus it increases the likelihood of them completing a purchase.

3. Easy Checkout Processes

Easy checkout process
Online shoppers prefer simple checkout processes. The number of steps to complete a checkout process is directly correlated to how likely a shopper is to complete the purchase. Most of the shopper will abandon the shopping cart if the checkout process is too long and confusing. Provide instructions in graphics or short videos for them to refer to.

On top of that, pop-up windows suggesting additional items a consumer can buy, “bot tests,” entering in payment details, or even having to re-verify passwords or identity are all barriers to completing a checkout process. When these occur, more time wasted on the customer. Online shopping should be something fast, simple and easy for the customers. Therefore, customers expect convenient.

4. Provide Free Shipping Or Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping
Of the majority of online shoppers who abandon their cart indicates that those instances are due to high shipping cost and some websites do not mention the shipping cost clearly. The shipping costs made the total purchase more than expected.

Due to the overwhelmingly competitive nature of online shop, FashionValet offers great deals for Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Philippines customers – shipping fees for orders under RM 300 will cost RM 15 and orders above RM 300 will be free of charge. Majority of the customers expect free shipping or flat rate shipping.

5. Remove Hidden Charges

Remove hidden charges
Customers do not like surprises. When additional charges are not revealed until checkout, this becomes disconcerting and results in cart abandonment.

Prices of products or services offered must be displayed along with any additional taxes, shipping fees (if any) and other extra fees.

Customers will not feel reluctant to proceed to checkout process when all these fees have been stated clearly. At least they know the total amount they have to pay.

6. Clear Return Policies

Clear return policy
Dear customers, do you remember the excitement that rushed to your head after you purchase something online and you cannot wait for it to arrive?

Getting your delivery package can be a wonderful or a terrible experience, depending on whether the product received fulfills the desired expectation of the product.

How about if the product you received got wrongly delivered? – wrong size, wrong colour or even worst an empty parcel. Some of you might have experienced this inconvenience when you order things online. Of course you can return it back to the company but how fast you can get it back? Is it a hassle for you to go through the return policies one by one?

With the technology advancement, preferably, aid customers with short videos on how to return their parcel. Words are hardly to understand. Clearly state the policies- written form instructions have to not be too wordy. Less words, more graphics.

7. Cart Is Visible

Cart is visible
Like me, I saved certain items in my cart for considerations or future purchase. To make customers have the items, you have to make the cart visible – of how many they have, what they have. It is crucial to make the cart visible.

A cart or bag icon at the corner of the screen will do. For instance, FashionValet aids its customers with a bag icon at the top right corner of the screen and you check on how many items you have. Click on the bag icon and you will have a list of what you have put in the cart.

8. Follow Up With Customers

Follow up with customers
The final tip is don't be scared to follow up with shoppers who abandon carts. Send emails to customers who abandoned their carts.

Another re-targeting approach to consider is called "display re-targeting," which is when an advertisement for your company pops up on the browser of a person who has previously visited your site. Sometimes all it takes is a simple reminder!

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