Hacks to Get Paid For Being Unemployed

Hacks to Get Paid For Being Unemployed

Did you know? With being unemployed, you have the opportunity to give yourself time in building personal development and investing in your personal growth. We should be more fear to a man who practices one kick a 1000 time than a man who practices 1000 kicks a single time, according to Bruce Lee.

Your personal skills may be improved daily and become better day to day with each masterpiece created. Take the opportunity to harvest all these benefits from unemployed status to the one of the proposed strategies and gain a fair monthly income. When that little hard work is ready, there are tons of online opportunities for gaining money. Here are 5 of them.

Online Tutor

This is a common part-time job even for some who already have full time jobs. The good thing about being an online tutor is that you are totally in control of your time. You can be an online tutor providing English lessons individuals from countries like South Korea or Japan.

You may also do self-learning from e-course to provide tutor for programming, design, marketing or even yoga. Useful e-course that you may use is like Udemy Online Courses mobile application, E-learning and Digital Culture from Edinburgh University Virtual Teacher Program from California University and many more!

Be an online writer

With the rise of digital age, people get connected through screens most of the time.And this digital generation are hungry of information, tips, inspiration, and ideas. Fire your passion and inspire others with the same interest by sharing to them. It could be anything from cooking, beauty regime, outfit-of-the-day, fitness and lots more through Bloggers or WordPress.

Not just that, with the development of content marketing, you may help companies to connect with their consumers through the influential story tellings.

Post Youtube Videos

Social media channels like Youtube offer their users a fun, engaging way to earn by simply posting videos on their site. Have you heard about Michelle Phan? She started by just sharing her beauty tips on Youtube and has now own a million dollar worth of her own company.

You can even post a video by making product reviews where you will help more people in making decision before their purchase. Who knows you will sponsored by a brand to do a feedback post?

Be a freelance consultant

Have you heard about the truth that being a university graduate no longer guarantees you a job? And you become just like a dust in an abandon house, unemployed and enjoying education debt. Be proactive.

Use may actually use that broad knowledge of a certain subject, like accounting, law, or sales, or whatever you learned at school doing this.

Assess your own previous experiences in your field and proudly stand like a superman who saves the world. Employers are now looking to hire you as a freelancer to cover their short-term projects.

Offer typing jobs

Are you proud of your typing skills? Let your skill be discovered by seeking out employers who need help in completing a typing project. This kind of job usually comes with deadlines, so make sure you keep up with the requirement.

You may even try your typing speed on www.typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu/ to measure how fast you can type. The higher the result number, the faster will your typing skill.

Be a babysitter

Well, you may not be the fan dealing with computers day and night. Sometimes, you need to contact physically. How about managing with the cutest creature on earth? A baby!

Getting a job as a babysitter could be the right one for you. Babies will be your bosses and your sole job requirement is to keep them happy. Happy? You may start by taking care of your family younger generation such your cute nieces and nephew.

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