5 Ways to Cheer Up Your Customers on their Bad Days

5 Ways to Cheer Up Your Customers on their Bad Days

Everyone has a rough day. Whether it is at work or at home, everyone has to face different sorts of problems almost everyday. Having a lot of works in the office or perhaps getting scolded by someone could turn a very cheerful person to a stressed out one. We never know.

As a good business player, it is important to make the customers feel happy every time, even on their bad days.

Below are some tips to lighten up your customers’ moods after their terrible days.

Ensure nice experience with website

1. Ensure nice experience with website

They desperately do not want any problems to cross their line when they already had enough for the day. What they really need is something smooth that will work to their plan.

Companies that provide a good website will make your customers feel happy. It can be the website provides all the info or items that they really wanted. Maybe the website offers them a smooth and easy-to-use website.Give them promo code occasionally

2. Give them promo code occasionally

People definitely would feel so happy when they got notifications about a promo code even when they are in a dull mood. When customers receive the promo code notifications, they would feel tempted to open it. Eventually, they would open up the apps and end up shopping and proceed to the payment process.

Then, when they want to make a payment, they would use the promo code and get some discounts. This is another trick to make your customers happy to come to you.

Provide discounts from time to time

3. Provide discounts from time to time

Customers cannot deny the feeling when there are discounts on so many items that they want. Even on a rough day, customers would feel happy and they can release the tension by doing some shopping whether they go to an actual mall or just shopping on their smartphones.

Customers can save a lot of money when they get discounts. Also, they would buy a lot of items when they get discounts. For them, they can shop more as they can get a lot of discounts. You can give the discounts on such a big occasion such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year or on Christmas Day, which probably last for a month.

Provide more payment options

4. Provide more payment options

For a lot of people, having more payment options do not have any meaning to them. But for some people, they do not feel at ease when they have to provide their personal details to someone that they completely do not know. Thus, they cannot feel the excitement that anyone else feel when it comes to online shopping.

Because of this matter, Razer Merchant Services created Razer Cash. Razer Cash is designed to help people who do not have any bank account and also to help people to shop online but pay over-the-counter in 7-Eleven or Petronas which is as convenient as online payment.

Nice parcel packaging and no late parcel

5. Nice parcel packaging and no late parcel

Person with unhappy day would be smiling when received the orders with a good and nice condition. People would feel like they give themselves a present when they get the parcel with a nice condition.

A damaged parcel will leave customers unhappy and angry. They expected their orders to arrive with no damaged happen but vice versa. They will also feel extremely happy if they can get their order earlier than expected.

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