4 Things that Can Tackle the Non-Urban Shoppers

Things that Can Tackle the Non-Urban Shoppers

Shoppers are the endless support system for sellers. No matter in what region they are, their age and gender, it doesn't matter as long as they are coming up with the demands.

Well, urban shoppers are the most likely to shop things online because of their lifestyle and trends. They have been exposed to technologies compared to the non-urban shoppers and busy lifestyle makes them enjoy online shopping better.

Compared to the rural shoppers, they tend to shop things at physical store. But the thing is, rural shopper should not be left out to date because they could be a large source of income to a business.

With fast technology adoption, it’s crucial to find the possible ways to tackle the non-urban shoppers. Here are some amazing things that seller can do to tackle them.



1. Security

Shoppers in the non-urban area might still new with how security works and they might still afraid to give their information for shopping.

As a seller, you should make your site as safe as it can be and guarantee them no harm allowed on your site or else you’ll take full responsibility from that.

They are still unaware that their information is protected if the site they are using is SSL-certified and PCI DSS-Compliant. As a seller, it’s important to make the information as clear as it can so they would understand how safe and secure your business is.


Cash Payment

2. Cash Payment

As a seller, you have to consider about accepting cash payment for online purchases because you can cater the unbanked market. This is because most people in the non-urban area are still unbanked.

Thus, different payment preferences exist; some prefer to pay with cash, some uses online banking and some loves ATM transfer.

As a seller, offer various payment method will be a great strength for your business to grow. More payment methods you have, more sales will be generated.

Collaborate with payment gateways that are able to deliver many benefits for your customers like how Razer Merchant Services does by introducing Razer CASH.



3. Low-price

Keep it in your mind that the first thing people would do if they check on your site is to see the price of the products you offer. Then, they will compare the price list with another competitors with the same products and will go to the cheapest one.

You have to be smart to tackle the non-urban shoppers by offering lower prices and give discount or promotion. You know how they love negotiating, so try your best to apply that kind of method to tackle their heart.


Courier service

4. Courier service

“My parcel took a week to arrive at my home! How frustrating”, that word often comes from shoppers in the rural area. It’s frustrating to know that their parcel took a long day to arrive at their doorstep.

If you want to be a successful seller, make it as your priority for your products to arrive on time. Find the best courier service to work with, or you can even build your own team of courier service like how some established companies did in the recent days.


To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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