30 Million Exposure for Razer Merchant Services Merchants Participating in #MYCYBERSALE

As we support #MYCYBERSALE initiative to bring Malaysia's e-tailers and customers under one roof, we also support our merchants who participate in this nationwide event.

Razer Merchant Services has designed a custom made poster for our own participating merchants, which already posted up on 500 7-Eleven outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. Go look out for it!

Talking about exposure, 7-Eleven is currently visited by a Million walk-in customers per day. This means that our poster will be exposed to approximately 30 Million walk-in customers within a month.

This poster contained a number of our merchants that have enrolled with #MYCYBERSALE and managed to send in their logo to us by 31 August 2014.

This is a small gratitude from Razer Merchant Services for our merchant's constant and loyal support, especially for those supporting #MYCYBERSALE initiatives.

MYCyberSale Poster at 7-Eleven

P/S: Sorry for those who didn't make it this time around. There will be more to come.

MYCYBERSALE on LineLook out for Razer CASH sticker
Stay Tuned!

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